Sunday, September 6, 2015

Sunday Review: : Let's Talk About Tickling by Veronica Frances

Title: Let's Talk About Tickling
Author: Veronica Frances
Source: Received in exchange for an honest review
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Let's Talk About Tickling is an honest, straightforward discussion about tickling. Discover the many different aspects of tickling the fantasies, the realities, the many paradoxes of the tickling fetish and how to come to terms with ones own sensuality. A refreshing and very welcome find, Let's Talk About Tickling is for anyone who wishes to expand their awareness of tickling and other related fetishes. This book will be of great interest to anyone who wants to get in touch with their sensual self, whether they have a tickling fetish or not. Author Veronica Frances offers her readers the chance to improve their relationships in and out of the bedroom by shining a light on the powerful significance of tickling. She reminds us that tickling is not merely the whisper of a feather on the flesh. It is an echo that calls us from deep within, beckoning us to listen and respond.


When I was asked to review this book it didn't click that this was a non-fiction. I don't typically read those books.

So please keep that in mind while you read this review.

I thought the quality of the writing itself was some of the best I've read all year. This author wrote very cleanly and there wasn't any moments of confusion or potential for confusion for readers I thought.

However with all those positives ... this just wasn't the book for me. I feel like I learned a lot and def don't regret spending my time reading it. I just really got the confirmation that I am not a non-fiction kinda gal.

Overall I'm going to give this 4 stars. I really think the writing quality was good and I think if non-fiction was my thing this would be a slam dunk. But since it isn't my thing I just cant give it 5 stars.