Saturday, July 7, 2018

Another Fad .... Giving Up All Sugar

Well it’s that time again ... the time when I roll my eyes at the effort, results and overall well being of the attempt that was given at healthy living. Long time followers of the blog know that auto-immune issues plague my system and that makes life super super hard when it comes to weight management.

People look at someone who is overweight, especially women, and think they are lazy or they must over eat or that they just don’t care. Well I am going to run through with you what I consume on a typical day and you can tell me if you think I am over eating.

Breakfast - 2-3 eggs either scrambled with cheese or hard boiled along with a banana
Morning snack - String cheese
Lunch - 1 serving of lunch meat (6 slices) I take those slices and break them into 2’s and roll them with a slice of Colby jack cheese. I also have 1-2 small orange (cuties) and then another string cheese. 2 ounces of peanut butter and 1/2 a cup of baby carrots
Afternoon snack (or at lunch if I am super hungry) - Another fruit, either strawberries (5 of them), peach, plums, nectarine, etc.
Dinner - I serving of meat and 1-2 vegetable servings. If one of the servings is a potato I never add rice to the meat dish. If I want rice with the meat I have two non - starch veggies (carrots, green beans, broccoli, peas, etc.)
I also drink 140-160 ounces of water a day.

So tell me ... is that too much food? Am I over eating? Sometimes if I am feeling really daring I will add a vanilla pudding at lunch just for fun. My co-worker thinks I am starving myself with this food intake, he thinks I’m crazy.

This has been my exact diet for idk, maybe 3 months now. Keep in mind I’ve done the 100% gluten free, 100% processed sugar free, 100% vegan, 100% vegetarian and now this adaptation ... I try to limit my gluten to eating out since I dont really buy it at home except for bread for the kids. I also don’t drink milk. The only milk I get is in the cheese. I’m down 10 pounds total and that is including all the crappy meds the docs shove inside me to assist with weight loss.

People can call it excuses all they want but life is hard for someone with all these auto immune diseases. In all the diets what I do know has helped me actually feel better are two diets, the gluten free and the insulin-resistance diet. And that diet is super easy to follow. It is all about balance. If you have 1 serving of carbs you have at least 1 serving of protein to balance it out with and no more than 2 servings of carbs per meal. I try to follow that 100% of the time. Which is why I always have cheese with my fruit. And when I say servings I mean legit servings. I measure so much out. And your protein : carb ratio has to be 7:30.

So now my husband and one of my best friends have challenged me to go 14 days at 100% sugar free. That means no fruit. I am pretty sure I may die and suffer a painful death from this. Not because there is no cookies or no Dr Pepper or any of that ... but because I can’t have my fruit! As you can see I am getting in 3-4 servings of fruit a day and it is a true staple in my life. Now I will have to give that up.

I am tired of all the medications I have to take and I am willing to try anything to see if it helps me. My husband went sugar free and lost 50 pounds really quickly and my friend doing this is at almost 30 pounds now and she looks great.

So I am going to give this fad a try for 14 days starting Monday. I told her I am probably going to end up super bitchy over this ... so we will see.

So my meals are going to look like this .... blah!
Breakfast - 2-3 boiled eggs
Snack - string cheese
Lunch - meat & cheese roll, celery, cream cheese for dipping,
Snack - ?
Dinner - meat with green beans or broccoli or spinach & more cheese.

This is gonna suck! Guess we will see how this comes out.

I realize I can also make salads with this, like ground beef, lettuce, cheese, hard boiled egg, etc. But we’ll go one day at a time.

I’m curious if any of you have ever done something like this and what your results were?

Leave a message if you have with how it went.

Good luck to all of you who have this FAD issue too. We’re all in this together.

Happy Readings and I’ll talk to you all on the flip side.

Monday, June 25, 2018

Why I Want My Gov’t To Succeed

All night I have been trying to get my brain to turn on to write for my current WIP. The only thing I was at all inspired to write was this blog. I fought it for hours. Literally 3. I have had mental and verbal arguments with myself over this topic and it always boils down to one simple truth.

If our gov’t fails, we all fail.

Why would anyone want that? I don’t understand it. 

I remember a time not to long ago when people could have open debates on either side of the isle and at the end of the day still remain friends. Now I feel like I am living in a world where I have to censor what I say, even around family. People who are supposed to love you unconditionally. Is that the America you want to live in? It certainly isn’t what I want to live in.

I get it ... the left HATES President Trump. The right ... they want to cut social welfare programs and that makes them cruel, they want to lock our borders up, that makes them heartless, and every item of clothing, scrap of hair or molecule they breathe in from the air is scrutinized.

As a child I wanted to grow up to be President. I dreamt of the day I would toss my hat into politics. I was so naive that I had no clue what I would be asking for if I actually followed that dream.

Thank God I Didn’t.

I remember in my senior year at Clear Brook High School in Friendswood Texas my Gov’t teacher was talking about the Clintons. The big sex scandal was still a hot topic and everyone was talking about THE DRESS! My gov’t teacher made a comment that has stuck with me for many many years. He said that the whole world was laughing at us over the President having a mistress. Not that he has one but that American’s are so bent out of shape over sex and scandals that we make things blow up over nothing.

That was in 2000. 

Well now 18 years later and our country is even worse than we were back then. The media makes our leaders look pathetic. They are seemingly more concerned with shocking and eye catching headlines than actual facts. Fake news is on a rapid increase and real legit news sources are on a decline.

And worst, the world is laughing harder. This time they look at us and want to protect their citizens from us. A country that used to be a center for hope is now an image of terror because they never know where our political moods are going to take them.

YES, I VOTED FOR TRUMP! Go ahead and unfollow, unfriend or whatever. That’s fine. Do I agree with everything he’s done, no, I never agree with republicans 100%. My first election ever I voted for John Kerry. I never vote straight ticket, I always vote on merit. I couldn’t vote for Clinton so there you have it.

But just because I don’t like President Trump’s twitter wars that doesn’t mean I dont want to still support him. He’s my president. He’s the leader of my country. Of course I support him. You can disagree with him  and still support him. Because if he wins, I win. If his presidency is positive I’ll be ahead, I’ll win too. 

I told my husband today that it’s been 17 years since 9/11. I think a majority of the country has forgotten what it was like waking up to those twin towers on fire. I vividly remember it. My roommate Brittani was in the bathroom blow drying her hair. The TV was on and I woke up just as the second plane ran into the second tower. The smoke was steaming from the building and the news was going crazy.

I picked up the phone and called my friend James. He was asleep and when I got him to answer he told me not to be gulable, that someone was joking with me. But no, there was no joke. It happened. James and I drove home to Friendswood that weekend and on our drive through Houston we saw a Southwest sign that said “Non stop flights to NYC starting 9/11” But that didn’t happen, the airports had all shut down. 

My dad’s coworker was supposed to be in one of the buildings that crashed, near the floor of the sites. His child had gotten sick and he had missed his flight. I went to college with a guy from Boston who lost friends in the attack. Days and days of coverage lasted with the dust and debris, the image of people jumping out of buildings just to try and live. 

Death, destruction, hatred. 9/11 was real, it was horrible, and it could happen again. 

Do you know how many threats the gov’t has to stop every day, week, month or year to keep this generation of students from waking up to another attack on that scale?

I was an intern at a congressman’s office through my political science program. I went to an FBI Task Force meeting where they talked about the terroist infiltrating a food plant facility that made MRE’s for our troops and poisoning them. Terrorist from the Arab countries sneaking across the border as Hispanics. Legit, real threats that happened in 2003.

What makes you think that’s stopped? You know it hasn’t. It’s only gotten worse because technology has gotten more sophisticated. 

I remember 9/11. I remember my friends of Arab nationalities that weren’t as lucky as me. My skin isn’t dark, my name is Ashley, can’t get more white than that. But I had friends who had darker skin, names that are hard to pronounce. I remember their lives changing forever because now everyone instantly hated them.

I remember the cleaners near my middle school getting vandalized multiple times because someone from Pakistan owned it.

I remember, do you?

The terrorist are real, the threats are real. They happen in England, France and other places in the world. What if we are next?

Yes our country is made up of immigrants- well mostly. We do have the Native American’s who we stole everything from that truly have the rightful claim to our land still to consider. But yes, we are made up of people seeking protection.

My great grandfather Sam came here from Lebanon. He came through Ellis Island. He came at the turn of the century and he worked very hard to save enough money to bring my great grandmother here. They were immigrants. My step family are immigrants. My friends are immigrants. I have nothing against immigration. 

So long as it’s legal.

I hear you, the argument is they are escaping from violence. Okay, so we need to push reform and better vetting process, that’s fine I’m all on board with that. But we don’t need to push for open borders. We need to scrutinize anyone who sets foot on our soil because what if you’re next.

What if you’re on the next flight that gets hijacked and you find out it’s heading for the Pentagon. You have to take down the terrorist. 

What would you do? Would you give your life selflessly to protect our country? Or would you sit there bitching and moaning that we should have had tougher borders for protection.

Everything our country is, everything we work towards, everything we are. You're willing to throw that all away just to get President Trump impeached? I don’t get it, I don’t understand. Why?

If he wins, we win. 

It’s a trickle down affect. 

I read tonight that 1 million jobs have been created this year, 1 million. Why aren’t we celebrating this?

I don’t understand the political climate today, and I don’t think I want to. I know this post went long over board and I mean I can do that, it’s my blog. But I hope at least one or two lines got you to think.

If everyone who is out there crying out that deportation isn’t humanitarian I challenge you. Go out there and bring a homeless man woman or child into your home and leave him or her there for 20 days. See how it feels for you. See if you can help change their life. Take care of your fellow countryman.

Or I challenge you to look at the foster children. 100,000 children with no parents. You want to help go be one of those children’s mom or dad. It was the best decision my Hubby and I ever made. Put your money where your mouth is and help AMERICANS who are without the basic love of a family.

Maybe you can do it, maybe you can’t. Only you will be able to tell.

To sum it up ... remember this ... for you to succeed your country has to succeed. For that to happen, our president has to succeed. 

So the next time you’re out there bashing the President I want you to think about something ... is this bettering me? If the answer is yes ignore me, but if it isn’t ... think about it.

We should want our gov’t to win ... that’s the only way we will win too.

That’s it, I’m done with my ramble ... carry on among you’re lives.

Saturday, May 26, 2018

ComicPalooza 2018 - Recap

Hey Hey all you readers. I hope each and every one of you who joined me at ComicPalooza 2018 this year had as amazing of a time as I did.

For this impact to really get you where your heart is I am going to need to give you a bit of a insight into my childhood. My parents divorced when I was 7 and 1st and 2nd grade were really hard on me. Especially 1st grade. I remember crying a lot. But there was always one thing that I looked forward too most each day, Reading Rainbow. My love of books has been as long as I can remember and I have vivid memories of Levar Burton taking us on adventures through books each day in class. There was just some sort of comfort he gave me. During a time in my life when I was really struggling, with reading. I was told I was dyslexic, this show truly comforted me.

Further more, growing up in Kansas City after the divorce one of my absolute favorite memories with my mom was two things, Tales From The Crypt and Star Trek, The Next Generation. My mom, my brother and I would pile into her bed and eat pizza and watch these two shows. And knowing that one of the stars was also from Reading Rainbow helped to solidify my love for the show and that actor. I have always loved TNG and I still will watch reruns if I ever get to catch them on.

Fast forward to the summer I graduated, I had just come home from the Bahamas when my best friend and I went to the movies and saw, Evolution. This movie became a pillar of my adult life and my friendship to Laura. We watch this movie to celebrate everything, to mend broken hearts and to heal any and every ache we encounter, all while eating Mac n Cheese with Tuna and Peas.

And last but not least .. my love and obsession with Will Smith ... So when Independence Day came out it quickly became one of my top 5 favorite movies.

Having said this, three massive people of the foundation of who Ashley is ... I finally met!

Friday morning started with LeVar Burton. This man was so kind, funny and genuine. Myself, along with my buddy from CBHS Clint, and a couple strangers got to witness him along with Brent Spiner bantering in front of us. It was amazing. The two of them were just hilarious. I was the first in line to walk up to the Reading Rainbow legend. And that is what he was in my mind, a legend. Who knows if I would have the writing career I have today if it hadn’t been for that show. He smiled, laughed, listened to me ramble. When it was time for the picture he said “Let’s hold hands like we’re going to prom” and no joke, I giggled, just like a school girl. He didn’t treat you like he was some big time star, he treated you like you mattered. I even told him he surpassed Henry Winkler as the best celeb encounter. Little did I know that that comment would apply more than once today.

Next I raced over to Brent Spiner’s line. And I mean raced. God I can’t begin to tell you how full of anxiety and excitement I was when I was bouncing from one line to another. Mr. Spiner sat on his chair in the front of his table. He gave fist bumps and smiled. He chit chatted with you like you were long time friends. I told him the story with my mom and he goes “Tell your mother that I enjoyed watching her in bed from the TV set.” Then, like the totally insane person I had become during this hour, the next thing happened. This man named John interrupted my time with Mr. Spiner to give him an ad for some fanfest of some sort coming in September and as Mr. Spiner is looking at the images goes “Who is this?” I look and see he is pointing to CHANDLER RIGGS! And what does my dumbass do, I chastise DATA for not knowing Carl!!! What the hell is wrong with me???? YOU DONT CHASTISE THE STARS!!!! Lucky for me he was really cool about it and didn’t hold it against me. When we went to take the photo I said “Can we fist bump” and he said of course. BAM One fist bump away from Will Smith and one Fist Bump into Ashley’s mind of mush!

As Clint and I were walking out of that line I see him, Orlando Jones walking into his table. And like I was possessed by my 13 year old daughter I RUN to his line. The line that hadn’t formed yet, LOL So there I am, almost hyperventilating at the idea of seeing this actor who is on my bucket list. This whole experience was a bucket list moment. And that’s how I start it. I tell him “This is part of my bucket list” and he takes both my hands into his and listened as I told him of the story of Mac n Cheese and Evolution. THEN he pulls out his phone and says we have to take a video at the end of it. I tell him all about Laura and he asks to see her pic. I show him her facebook page, like it’s no big deal. We talk and laugh and joke around. I learn that David Dechovney, whom I also was obsessed with since the X-Files came out, ad lib’d the flashing scene in Evolution. I told Orlando (he told me to call him Orlando not Mr. Jones) that he was clearly the classier one for not flashing his ass. So he walks around the table and brings his phone out, HIS PHONE and pulls up his instagram and goes “Let’s go live, no wait boomerang!” Now I don’t know what the hell boomerang is, he goes “Just do something that’s all you gotta do” and of course I freeze up, and then HE KISSES MY HEAD!!! I swear if my head could have exploded it would have. Then he told me when I post about it to tag him and send him a DM so we can connect. Clint had to practically carry me back to my table because I was mush, all mush!

This video is all I have left of the kiss. It’s a recording of the video on my cell phone.

This was hands down the most exciting and amazing moments I ever had at any event. I thought in 2010 when Jen and I met Jason Dohring was pretty damn cool but this, this was so much more.

These three men were such a huge part of my life and they didn’t even know it. I will forever be grateful for May 25th, the best day ever. I consider it the best birthday gift ever because of course it was the week of my birthday right?

What a huge rambling I know but I can’t help it ... when you get to experience stuff like this, rambling just comes naturally. 

Friday, April 27, 2018

Avengers: Infinity Wars - Movie Review

I just want start off by saying, WOW, Holy Shit, WTH!!! I mean, WOW.

I am going to do my very best to give nothing away but I know there are a few things I was expecting going into this movie so I am going to mention them. If you were not expecting them then, I’m sorry.

Hell I don’t even know where to begin because dang it had so much in it. This movie seems to pick up where Thor ended with Asgard being destroyed and his people fleeing. It was such a powerful opening scene I didn’t think that the entire film would carry that strength through each minute of it.

I honestly don’t think there were any points where I was bored or thinking it needed to move faster. There were a lot of great one-liner moments. I will forever be a Loki girl, I just love him. But I am a sucker for a good bad guy.

One of the great parts about this movie is it really does tie in all of the movies into one solid story line. There wasn’t any parts of the movie that felt like certain characters weren’t getting enough screen time. It was pretty well divided up.

I went into the movie expecting either Iron Man or Captain America to die. I even joked with my husband ‘do you want to bet’ on which one it is. The reality of the actual loss in the movie was so painful. My kids, 16 and 13, were with us and my son, god love him, was in hysterical crying and my daughter had tears streaming down her face. Had I not been comforting my son and reassuring him that it was just a movie and fake I would have been crying too. It had such an emotional pull at every heart string.

My husband reassured me that in the comics there are ways for things to be reversed and that brought comfort knowing that maybe, just maybe, the ones we have come to love over YEARS of our lives of devotion won’t be gone for good. Sometimes I love that he knows the comics and knows what’s coming up next, or that it is truly playing out the way it is supposed to.

Man, it has been about 12 hours since my family walked out of the theater and I still feel it reeling inside of me.

Marvel does such a fantastic job with their movies. I don’t know why they can do such amazing theatrical films and others cant but I am so glad to have it to turn to some days to remove the boredom of daily life.

Obviously I am giving this a 5 Star Review. This is probably easily the best movie of the year. I wasn’t a fan really of Black Panther, it just, didn’t do it for me. But after seeing how Wakanda participated in this chapter of the story I can now appreciate what Black Panther’s movie was doing much better.

Fantastic job Marvel, Robert Downey Jr, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pratt and the entire cast. You all just amazed me.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Trumped Up Survey ...

In college at Sam Houston State I minored in Political Science. That was back when I was naive enough to think I could help change the world and wanted to become an activist or lobbyist, then one day president. Pipe dreams, what can I say? I was young, I had hope...

Flash forward 13 years since graduating from SHSU and deep down I still hope that one day I can help change the world I however now just regret never following that dream, or hell any of my dreams. But I still have passion and still wish I could be involved.

This morning when I went to the mailbox and saw that ‘President Trump’ had sent me a survey through the RNC to obtain MY ‘grassroot’ opinion I was kinda excited to fill out the survey. Because I have a lot of opinions about what is going on in this world of ours and yes I want someone to hear my thoughts.

Of course it came in all official looking paper with a document code and a registration number. My first middle and last name were on it and it even included a letter from the president! Ohh, getting more exciting right?

Now I know that I am in a vast minority of my friends and probably my followers of my blog/author stuff in being a Republican and having voted for President Trump. I’m not ashamed, I just, have my reasons. I couldn’t vote for Hillary. So we will end the subject there. And no, that does not mean that everything the president has done I support because I would take his twitter app off his phone if I had the power to for sure. That being said … I was hopeful that with this letter included in the survey would help lead to an independent opinion of the matters facing the country.

First, the letter he (or probably a staff writer) wrote was just as boisterous as his speeches. To the point that words were bolded, capitalized and even underlined for emphasis on the RNC’s agenda. I didn’t need a very small list of summaries on the items the gov’t accomplished in 2017. The fact the letter had to be spaced the way it did is kinda sad. Yes I agree the main stream media is being pretty awful and manipulative and the democrats are road blocking a lot of progress, but pointing that out in a letter to the members of the Republican Party is going to further divide the country, not bring unity.

This is the crap I can’t get on board with, RNC. I don’t know if this was from President Trump or if they just used his branding but it was a major turn off for me and I hadn’t even looked at the survey yet. After I read the three pages of jargon that was right leaning and not close to bi-partisan (kinda hypocritical if you ask me) I rolled my eyes at the end when it asked for a contribution. After placing the letter aside I began to evaluate the survey.

It was basic, and right leaning. For me, someone who is about 60% republican 40% democrat this survey was a letdown. I know how they want me to answer it because the questions again felt leading.

Anyone who has studied surveys can tell you that you can manipulate and manufacture results anyway you want to. It is in how you word the sentences for the question or the answer choice.

I liked question 11, where it asked what my opinion was on what should be the top priority of the President. I answered balancing the federal budget. Because honestly, if we can’t even get our money right none of it matters because we will end up broke and out of our place as the top country.

So my excitement for this survey had dwindled down some but I was still going to send it off. Until question 12 hit … I am going to type it word for word.

12. Will you make a commitment to work with President Trump and the Republican Party to promote his agenda and elect candidates in 2018 that are dedicated to Making America Great Again?
-YES! President Trump, you can count on me. I am pledging my support with a contribution to the Republican National Committee of:
$25, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000 or other
-No, I cannot make a commitment today, but I support our President and his agenda. I am returning my survey document with a contribution of $15 to cover processing.
-No, I do not support President Trump and Republicans in Congress

Signature ______________________________ Date___________
                     (Legal Name Pre-Typed Here)

So, President Trump and the RNC, are you saying you want my opinion, ONLY if I give you money? Let me also add the return envelope requires a stamp, they couldn’t even spring to cover postage. Yeah this offends me.

What a bias survey. This means that ONLY the people with A) an extra stamp laying around and B) extra money that they WANT to donate to a cause they may or may not find useful will respond. More often than not only the diehard republicans (which I am not) will send back this survey. And of course, if you are a diehard republican you are going to answer yes to all of the right leaning questions. Which means the answers are skewed … this is not a true sample of any part of the country then. It’s a sample of the republicans who can afford a stamp and a donation.

I’m not saying I can’t afford a stamp and a donation, I am saying, I’m not giving it. You want my opinion for a survey then you take my opinion, you don’t make me PAY YOU to give it. That is beyond insulting. As I said the inner political scientist in me is offended and the college student who wanted to become a lobbyist is in an uproar.

So here is my opinion RNC and President Trump …

Everyone in Washington is dragging their feet and playing the blame game. Shit isn’t getting done because no one wants to compromise. Yes the media is really screwing around with things and yes I believe the President has a bad shake from the news. But honestly … he does it to himself. If he would just stay the F off twitter then like 80% of it would probably go away. No I don’t want to get into a nuclear war over in Asia, no I don’t want the focus to be the border wall, yes I want to stop illegal immigration but more importantly I want someone to fix our health care system without taking away benefits to the elderly, youth and disabled.

There, for what it’s worth, that’s Ashley’s 2 cents.

Super disappointed with the political parties we have to choose from today. Both of them are bad and need to be done away with. I truly had hoped he would ‘drain the swamp’ but it hasn’t happened really. So RNC, maybe you shouldn’t send me a mailer asking me to help with your grassroots effort. Because I have never once voted straight ticket and I never plan on it.

I included the images just to share so you all could see for yourself and make your own opinion.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Finding the time to write…

As a writer I had become accustom to writers block. This seemed a normal par for the course when it comes to building worlds and creating characters. What I truly didn’t understand was the challenge of fitting time in to write while you are parenting.

It’s been two and a half years since we got our kiddos and I still haven’t mastered any resemblance of schedule on how to include writing into even a weekly activity. At this current rate I will put out only a single novel a year and truly I would love to do at least two or three. Last year it took me a year to produce HoneySuckle Love. While I think it is a quality story I do wish that I would have been more diligent on my pursuit.

Right now I am working on a YA Dystopian, The Ones Who Lived, and I think I have about a third of it written so far. But wouldn’t it be nice if I could kick it into gear and have it out by ComicPalooza time? Hell Yeah it would!

I sometimes wonder, “What’s wrong with me?” but then I remember, ‘Oh yeah … the mom thing…’ There has to be a balance somewhere. Somehow, I am open to suggestions!

How do you other parents make time for YOU and the things that YOU like doing? I work the 40 hours a week, 7-4 job, come home and put on the mom hat and then once that is done toss it aside to be a wife. Where is there time to be an individual?

The truly sad part is I have to plan out just a couple hours a week for me to relax. It’s insane how busy we are lately. I have stuff planned into 2019 even! I would prob go crazy if I ever lost my planner so let’s pray to God that it never disappears. I have a co-worker that threatens to hide it from me. Oh she better not!

Take for example one of my good friends, D. He and his family have been talking about coming over for months now. MONTHS! It literally takes MONTHS in advanced for me to find the time that the hubby and I are free, on a weekend, for 6 hours, in order to do something as simple as breaking bread with a close friend.

My therapist has told me that the hubby and I need to put ourselves first and we keep saying we are going to. And as I write out this crazy random blog the insanity of my kids ruling my life is slapping me in the face. When did I lose my power and authority? How did this happen?

Is it my priorities or is it my levels of urgency?

Ashley … YOU HAVE TO MAKE TIME FOR YOU!!! I keep telling myself this yet I never do.
Okay, tomorrow … I am making time for me. There I said it, I put it in writing and it’s on the internet, it has to be now done now.

But in all reality … I am truly curious, how do you all make time for yourselves?

Here is a snap shot of my planner ... do you see my Saturday?? #CRAZINESS

Monday, February 12, 2018

Review: The Witch Is Back by Stacy A, Moran

Title: The Witch is Back
Author: Stacy A. Moran
Source: Given for free in exchange for an honest review
Amazon Link: Purchase


Tabitha Ashworth is a lot of things, a daughter, a writer, and a reluctant witch. She was also a runner, not a grab your tennis shoes, let's take on a marathon kind of runner.

No, she has been running from her past and her heritage her entire life. She's avoided her hometown for nearly a decade but after a cryptic call from her mother, she is summoned back home.

From the moment she arrived back in Graveton County she was flooded with her past and realization her running days are over.

Welcome to Graveton County where the haunted town is make believe but the witches are real.


What a cozy mystery! Def a different take on small town life. This crew of bubbly, delightful and crazy women make you laugh as they take you through their small town’s journey into a murder. The twist and turns of the plot are heightened by the friendly personality that the ‘witches’ play with one another. GiGi’s hit list, Tabby’s quick wit personality, the sherrif’s patience in dealing with these witches as they continue to botch up his investigation.

It makes you smile as you read.

I have read a lot of cozy mysteries and this one is right up there with an easy going, care free, kick back and relax read. I love how all the female character names came from television witches and that adds all the more fun to the mix.

It almost makes you wonder if that is what real life in small town West Virginia is really like ,...

Grab a copy today and see for yourself, you won’t regret it.

Solid 4.5 Stars!