Thursday, December 26, 2013

Last Minute Read - A - Thon!!!

It's the last push of the year and Vonnie's Reading Corner and A Night's Dream of Books are hosting a Read - A - Thon! If you love reading - grab a book, cozy up and join them and their blog world friends in that last struggle to finish your list!

Goals --

I want to read two more books by the end of the year - That will bring my grand total up to fifty-six for 2013, six more than I aimed for.

What two am I reading?

Forged, an ARC copy from Random House by Jaquelyn Frank.
Serendipity by Janet Nissenson, ARC from the Author

Another goal that I have is I'd like to hammer out the final book count/list I want to read for 2014. I want to start a list, twenty five books that I want to read for me, then twenty five books I want to read for review blog tours, and then ten random books tossed in here and there. Bringing my total to sixty for 2014. Now, the ten random and the twenty five for blog tours obviously I won't have those made out, but the twenty five I want to read for me - that will be a main list I make up.

I will also post reviews for all sixty of these books inside the 2014 year.

So come and join myself and my blogging friends in our 2013 end of the year fun!

Catch the host, Vonnie at Vonnie's Reading Corner


  1. Good luck, Ashley! Don't forget to link up your post on the launch linky :)

    Last Minute Launch Posts

  2. Hi, Ashley!

    Wow, you have some very ambitious goals, not only for this Read-A-Thon, but also for the coming year!! I wish I could read as fast as you do.... I do the best I can, but I'm a slow reader. Then I also have two jobs. These take up TOO much of my time!

    Anyway, good luck with your goals, and Happy Reading!! : )

  3. MARIA!!! Long time no blog talk! Hope you are well. Nothing wrong with reading slow. I listen to books on my kindle while I drive that helps my speed reading. I nkow how hard it is working full time. And with my writing its like I have two jobs.

    Hope you're well!