Thursday, November 7, 2013

A Tad Bit of Awesomeness With A Dash Of Thankfulness And A Spoonful Of Randomness

Today is a day for an Ashley Rambling. I've been so busy here lately that I haven't had time for a good rant or a good posting. As I'm sure you have noticed I've branched out here on Memories in a Box to include reviews and blog tours. I figured, I'm reading ( or watching ) the books ( or movies ) already why not just post my thoughts on it. Then I signed up for a few blog tour sites as a host because I love learning about other peoples books so why not do something that brings books to my doorstep instead of me going out there and randomly hoping to find something to love.

But today I am in the mood for some 'Ashley' here on my blog so that's what you're gonna get! Lucky you, right? haha. So here is what's been on my mind. It's a bit of a random with a tad bit of a thankfulness with a touch of just awesomeness.

Friendships - I am a major believer in the people whom you hold closest as a friend become your family. And when times look their darkest that they are the ones that carry you through because they are the ones you spill your heart out too. They are the ones you can be honest with. Who call you on your bullshit. Who keep you in line and make you admit when you're outta line. They are the ones who know the true you and the ones who can tell when something is wrong, even when you say everything's alright.

There are many levels of friendship and I feel like each person inside your circle of people is there for a reason and no two people are there for the same one. Each of us find something unique and wonderful in each true friend we carry with us.

When I'm at my lowest, I need to laugh. There is only one friend who can make me crack the fuck up in an instant. That's not her only job, but some days, that's her most important one. I have another friend who sees through my layers of what I want people to see or believe and exposes my truth.

And then I have my husband, the best friend of them all. The one who holds me when I cry, kisses my tears away. Keeps the evil from hurting me. He's the one who grounds me to reality and keeps me from fluttering away.

My sisters and my husband keep me sane and true to myself. They are who push me to wake up each morning and challenge me to become a better person.

So today, I am thankful for them.

And in other awesomeness - I am also thankful for my job. Now I am sure some of you are like, "Well of course you are, it pays the bills." But no, that's not the reason I'm thinking. And I thought about this today when I was talking with my grandfather about why I don't want to switch jobs, even if one for more money could possibly come up. How many of you can say you love your job? I think I heard a study once that said over sixty percent of people are miserable at work. I've been there done that - thank God I'm not there anymore.

Do I have bad days? Of course. This week has been a fucking bitch on me - but at the end of the day, I love my job. I can be myself. And not the 'myself' that people see when I'm in public or having to be on my best behavior. The myself that Laura has known for almost twenty years, the myself that Tony fell in-love with. The myself that jokes and does whatever she wants with Stacy.

The real me. The me that these friends help me keep in tact.

My boss told me once when he first hired me in 2006 that this job is in the blood. That once you taste it, you will crave it, and never let it go. And he was right. I left the industry for three years and for two years and eight months I regretted that decision.

So now, I'm thankful that I am happy. I might not have the monetary riches that others crave, but I have true wealth. I have a family that loves me and a profession (and a hobby) that bring me more joy than most Americans feel in their day to day life.

And then last but not least, my baby, Toto. I'm thankful for my fur baby that makes sure I'm happy and content every moment of the day. All I need to do is think his name and he's in my lap loving on his momma. In the absence of children, I cannot imagine a happier feeling than Toto coming and crawling next to me when I need him the most. He saved me from myself and brought me out of my shell. One of the best things Tony ever wanted, a puppy.

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