Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Memories in a Box....

“Hello Ashley and welcome to the world of blogging.” This is what I’m telling myself as I stare at this screen. No clue why this intimidates me, maybe because my unfiltered mind gets me into trouble. Alas, here I am facing my fear of blogging. I’ve been looking at the dilemma of what to post for my first blog. It was suggested that I post about the journey I took to get to where I am with Blood Purple but I thought meh, I’ve talked about that in an interview, and it’s on my website. People don’t wanna read that twice. So tonight I was talking to someone about erotic books and where I first got mine.   I tell you, this story makes me smile. You know those times in your life that are just between you and an elder family member. Well this is just that time.

My grandmother and I drove from Houston to Wichita for Easter when I was in college. We spent the weekend with our family and had a great time. Part of the time we spent at my Great-Aunt’s house. That’s actually where we ate our Easter meal. Before everyone got to the house my Grandma was off in the kitchen working on the food when my Great-Aunt pulled me aside and asked me if I liked to read. Of course back then, just like today that answer was yes. She went to her bookshelf and pulled out two books she had rubber banded together. I’ll never forget the smile she had. She hands me these two purple books from Harlequin, I can’t remember the titles but I remember the covers. Half naked men. I was like “Oh My god!!” ~laughing~ Man I was just shocked.

Anyway, so I read the books when I got back to school and yeah, they were hot. I was like, “Gee even old people have a sex drive.” LOL! But yes, my great aunt. Totally loved her even though I didn’t get to spend much time with her in my life. My aunt liked to paint and I have a painting of a clown she made hanging on the wall in my little library. Every time I look up at it, I remember that Easter. The books might be in a box now but that memory will always be at the forefront of my thoughts.