Monday, January 22, 2018

Review: Beautiful Master Peace by Gabriela Lizette

Title: Beautiful Master Peace
Author: Gabriela Lizette
Source: Recieved from the author in exchange for an Honest Review
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Being a stylist for the rich and famous is a dream come true for Victoria Robles. A lively gal from Texas, she finds herself touring across the States with the best names in Country music. But after a shameful truth sends Vicki into hiding, she lands in Peace, Montana, the quaint little town she remembers from one of her touring trips through the state. A lot has changed since her last visit, but she hopes the people are still friendly enough to welcome her among them.

That is until she collides with Calbert Miller and he immediately assumes she's nothing but trouble. At every corner, Cal and Vicki exchange heated, unpleasant words. To make matters worse, he discovers the truth she has been fleeing.

What will Vicki have to do to overcome the humiliation? Will she be able to convince the man who looks at her with complete disgust one minute—and fierce desire the next—that she’s not a trollop? Will she find her peace in Peace, Montana?


This is my first review of 2018 and I struggled a bit coming up with how I wanted to word this. Overall I enjoyed this story and I am going to give it a 4 Star review. But I wanted to look at things differently this year when posting reviews on my blog. I wanted to make sure that I gave a full picture of what I was actually reviewing and not lump everything into just a star numbering system.

This book is a novella which was easy to read, easy to enjoy the MC and easy to follow. The story seemed to have the full ARC and a HEA. With these types of romance there is some predictability and cookie cutter that go into all of them, which is what us as readers like. Usually I take off for that but as I wrote my own romance it occurred to me, I shouldn’t deduct for that when it is what most readers want. Thus what I am saying, I am looking at books differently this year.

The MC was very likeable and while her situation was very different from the normal boy meets girl romances it was still believable in the world that was created.

The love interest I wasn’t too fond of, not because of the writing or story line, he just, rubbed me the wrong way. And While the MC forgave him for his assish behavior I still didn’t, lol. But it is feelings like that which make me want to give a higher star ranking because it made me feel which is the purpose of any good novel. To feel the emotions.

This is the first novel that I have read from this author and I can see picking up more of her stories in the future. It wasn’t one that made you feel rough and raw after reading, which is nice. I started it Friday night and read 85% of it in one sitting before I was just too tired to continue. Picked it right back up Sunday afternoon and enjoyed the ending. Def a nice weekend read for sure.

If you like novella’s and you like love stories I think this one would fit the bill. The characters like I said are easy to follow and the writing seemed well thought out and flowed.

Overall a 4 Star story!