Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sisterhood of the Traveling Blog Take2! Day 1featuring: Tracey Steinbach

I'm pleased to welcome Miss Tracey Steinbach to my blog. She writes about how she comes up with her names...I have to say that's always part of my fun too! Enjoy!!

In your upcoming works in progress or new releases, what did you find most challenging to write, or what gave you the most enjoyment accomplishing, aside from finishing the writing? 

In anything I write, I find transitions the most challenging. I know where I want to go with the story but getting there isn’t always an easy journey.  My characters take on minds of their own and sometimes what they want isn’t in my plans.  I enjoy the journey along with my heroes and heroines. It’s fun to see where they start and where they end up. 

Coming up with names for my characters is almost always a challenge. I use baby name sites online, searching by name meaning or origin. I also ask friends for input. I’ve also posted a description on my Facebook author page and asked for input from fans. I like getting feedback. 

I’m working on my first action/adventure romance. Describing explosions, showing action instead of telling, is a test of my writing skills.

I get great enjoyment out of making people laugh. Knowing I wrote something that had my reader grinning or laughing out loud is something I strive for when I write. If I have amused someone, I’ve accomplished something great.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sisterhood of the Traveling Blog - Take 2! Day 1 -- Featuring Torie N. James


Welcome back, Sisterhood of the Traveling Blog! Things worked out so well last time that we all decided that round two was in order. I'm so glad to host for the first round my dear dear friend, Torie! She's been the driving force behind my writing and I'm so proud of her for getting her work together to share with all of you, our readers and fans. Come check out Torie's main guy Alex. Don't forget to check out my blog on Torie's site. Click here for it.

Sisterhood of the Traveling Blog The Sequel: Week One!

The character I’m most anxious to release on an unsuspecting public would HAVE to be Alexander Lakeland from my “Timeless Night” book, which I’m currently finishing up. I started out liking him and it’s just grown into that revered love only a writer can have for her creation. There’s something about him that has me digging deeper when I’m in my female protaganist’s head (Sabrina Foxworth) that literally compels me to drive HIM crazy. He’s everything that cool, calm and composed; not much ruffles his feathers. He values rationalization, logic and planning. The absolute polar opposite of Sabrina, who’s all about riding the Emo Coaster and employing every layer of reckless spontaneity she can muster. But that’s why I love him so entirely. He comes across as this overly proper, stick in the mud with Olde Worlde ideals and archaic methods of expressing himself that is a trip to break down until you finally see the “man” underneath the “monster”. At the root of it all, he has lost everything and everyone he ever loved and has been alone for almost a thousand years, even when surrounded. He created this massive wall of quiet contempt for people, while spending his eternity protecting humanity and searching for some remnants of his past. He lived in a wash of monochrome; black, grey and white. Then along comes Hurricane Sabrina and with one hearty gale, blows down his house of cards.

I love exposing his naked soul. That’s the part I love most about him and what I think the reader will, too. Everyday I work on the book I am constantly amazed at what he “shows” me or rather, allows me to see. This is his world and I’m just the observer, the teller of his tale, his voice.

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