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Spotlight: The Main Ingredient by Margo Wilson

The Main Ingredient
By Margo Wilson
Ramsfield Press   (www.ramsfieldpress.com)
Publication date: September 7, 2013
Genre: Women's Literature

Book Synopsis

What does it mean to love? How does one defy death? And will people pay good money for your Friday night fish fry? These are some of the mysteries facing West Coast food editor Wendy Whitby when she reluctantly returns to her childhood home in Weewampum, Wis., to await her mother’s demise. But cantankerous Seal (Cecilia) refuses to pass into the Great Beyond according to schedule. While Wendy waits for Seal to expire, Wendy begrudgingly helps out her two high school pals, flamboyant Amber Moore and reticent Merribeth Hartwell, who have opened a restaurant in downtown Weewampum.

Wendy and her friends soon are embroiled in their hometown’s political feuds. Some of the well-heeled citizens, including Merribeth’s father, have decided they want to close the town’s hospital downtown and move it to a spiffy building along the interstate. But the women feel the downtown will deteriorate even further if the old hospital shuts its doors, so their restaurant, Amberosia’s, becomes the headquarters of the Stop the Hospital Move campaign.

After Amberosia’s burns to the ground, the women are convinced someone set the fire to scare them off because they oppose the hospital move. However, Fire Marshal Warren Caramel suspects the women torched the place to collect the insurance money. The threesome realize they’ll have to solve the arson case themselves to avoid spending the best years of their lives in Waysippee State Prison for Women.

As their arson investigation opens old wounds, causes new ones, and reveals secrets that maybe should have been left concealed, the women are forced to grapple with such issues as: How much does a friend do for a friend? How far does family allegiance go? What is the price of family, and especially, mother-daughter love? What are the magnetic and repelling forces of one’s hometown? And, of course, how much will someone pay for a plateful of fried lake perch?

Author Bio

When Margo Wilson was 3 years old, she thought an elevator operator was about to squish her imaginary friends, Keke and Frick, in a department store’s elevator doors, so she screamed for the operator to free them. The operator complied, while Margo’s mom shook her head, and Margo beamed like a superhero. The incident still is the ultimate example of how Margo’s imagination influenced reality, and it helped hook Margo on the power of inventing her own world.

But the daughter of a police officer and elementary school teacher is nothing if not practical, so Margo chose to be a journalist, a career in which facts and information, presented in compelling ways, often have a chance to influence others’ actions. Margo worked as a staff writer and editor at nine newspapers, ranging from the Spruce Grove Star, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, to the Los Angeles Times. Her words led to the defeat of a racist school board member, the resignation of some greedy community college administrators, and publicity for an unknown recording artist who later became one of Margo’s best friends. Margo learned that words have power.

She also learned that words have beauty. So she returned to school (Goddard College) to polish her creative writing skills and as a result, landed a job teaching writing at California University of Pennsylvania and snagged a book contract with Ramsfield Press.

These days, she’s working on a memoir about travel and taking a journey, and a series of novels about a dog who ... well, let’s leave that a secret.Although she grew up in Wisconsin, Margo has lived in Indiana, Canada, and California. She makes her home in Southwestern Pennsylvania, with her flat-haired retriever (Well, maybe that’s what she is. The vet is not sure.) Moosie, and her cats Oreo, Lucy, ChaCha, and Mimi. They are forever using their imaginations to devise new ways to persuade Margo to feed them or pet them.

Spotlight: Patricia Crandall's Pat's Collectibles



 In the short stories, The Crazy Jug, The Pink Victorian Lady, Frogs, Gnomes, Hikers and Bottle Miners, The Conjurer, and The Rescue, Gert Carver and Nina Westacott meet an eclectic variety of characters as they trade-off collectibles and old bottles at flea markets and solve gentle mysteries involving neighbors, relatives, past students, farmers and hicks in and around the upstate New York community of Indian Falls. Gert and Nina are likeable protagonists, and Patricia Crandall has revealed a life unknown to most city dwellers. 

The following is a quote from a past review in the New York Times Sunday Review of books: "In the wake of 9/11 (and the terror attacks that have followed; e.g. Aurora, Boston and others too numerous to mention), Americans seem to crave the reassurance of straightforward tales about good people trying to live good lives, who believe in love and friendship, work and honor and charity, the prosaic but immense forces that dignify most of our lives." Beachfront Press publisher, Peter David Orr, says, "Author, Patricia Crandall, has whipped up some real, down-home cooking, brimming with friendship, and served with three sides of simple adventure." Join additional down-to-earth folk in their pursuits for justice and happiness: Clive Mason in The Willowbrook Inn, Julie Keel in The Wedding Reception, Federal Agent Tony Barlow in The Bogus Man, Lew Golden in Not Suitable Viewing for Children, Hattie Perkins, a.k.a. Tia Gale in Love Interlude and, Maya Bull in A Catty Arrangement. All things considered, you are guaranteed a good read. 


Patricia Crandall is the author of The Dog Men, a tale of animal abuse and rescue; Melrose, Then and Now, a local history; Tales of an Upstate New York Bottle Miner; and a book of poetry, entitled, Passed This Way. She lives with her husband, Art, at Babcock Lake in the Grafton Mountains near Petersburgh, New York.


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Sunday Review: Forged by Jacquelyn Frank

Title Forged
Author Jacquelyn Frank
Published April 29, 2014
Purchase Links AMAZON B & N
Source I received this book from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review


When Katrina Haynes discovers a large man lying wounded in the snow, she fears he is at death’s door. But as Kat tends to his injuries, she quickly realizes that they’re the least of her worries. With an irresistible Scottish brogue and a strange ability to harden his chiseled body like a statue, the stranger awakens a desire she is unable to resist—and a fascination about the intriguing world he exists in.

As a proud Gargoyle, Ahnvil must safeguard the Nightwalker to whom he’s sworn fealty. But as this bewitching woman nurses him back to health, arousing an almost uncontrollable hunger within him, he is possessed with the fierce impulse to protect her as well. And he will have to shield her—for by coming to his rescue, Kat has placed herself in the middle of a supernatural war . . . and exposed herself to dark, powerful magic. As human and Gargoyle forge an unbreakable bond, Kat will discover that despite his intimidating strength and size, one thing Ahnvil does not possess is a heart of stone.


I received this book from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.

I loved this story. It was original and so easy to follow. Parts of it just threw me for a loop and that was such a pleasant surprise. I really enjoyed how it all went down inside the relationship of the two main characters and then that combined with the rest of the world.

I loved that the other 6 night dwellers are being brought back together through the prophecy. I loved seeing Bella and Jacob.

There wasn't one thing I didn't like about this story, not one. It was just perfect and enjoying. I read it at work, at home, on the road. I just couldn't put it down. Thank God my Kindle can read to me so i didn't have to stop the story!

One thing about this story that I really appreciated was the split POV per scenes. I love when authors let you see into the other characters and don't get hung up on one POV per section. It allowed me to connect with everyone and that made the reading experience so much better for me.

This was just an excellent continuation of this series and I am so thankful that I was able to review it!

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Fire and Ice Book Tour: Justice Perverted by Dee Wilbur

 Title:  Justice Perverted

Author: Dee Wilbur

Genre: Mystery, Medical Mystery, Cozy Mystery

Published: July 18, 2013

Source: I received a copy of this book from the Author for an honest review

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Sandy dozed intermittently with her head on Jon’s shoulder as they headed west on IH10. She thought about the changes that had just occurred in her life: her father’s death, quitting her teaching job in New Orleans, and packing all her belongings into the moving truck she was riding in. Her mind raced to the changes that were to come: her marriage to Jon, moving to the town of Richmond, Texas, and the effect that the community would have on her—and she would have on the community. She could not have foreseen the arrest of Jon’s partner for murder, the teenage marijuana ring, or the complete perversion of justice about to take place.


“What’s the bit about everybody wanting to know about his autopsy? His wife called last night and demanded an autopsy. The sheriff himself came in this morning and wanted to know if there was an autopsy. It looks to me like we had a drunk driver who failed to make a curve. I mean there was Jack Daniels all over the cab and him. Lordy, it smelled like a distillery there. We had them take the body down to Galveston during the night. The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston does all our autopsies. I don’t know how far behind they are so it might take weeks.”

Jon grimaced. “What’s the matter, Jon?” asked the Chief Deputy.

“I think this may be a murder. You may need to speed them up on that autopsy.”

At that moment a young clerk brought in a lab slip to the chief deputy. “A tech from the hospital just brought this over. He said he thought it was important.”

“What is it?” scowled the Chief Deputy.

“It’s a blood alcohol level on Duane Belchner.”

I was very excited to read this book. First, because it is a mystery and I love mystery but second because it took place in Texas. Richmond Texas to be exact. For those of you who don't know where that is, it's just south Houston on I-59. I've been on a kick lately, trying to read stories that take place inside Texas and in or near Houston. 

Overall this book was an easy read. There wasn't anything complex about it and I like not having to think a lot when I'm just reading for relaxation.

One issue that I did have was I felt like the plot was fairly predictable and it seemed like sometimes the main characters dwelled on things that just were odd. Like when Sandy harped on everyone for maintaining their yearly physical. That just felt odd to me.

What I did like was that the plot seemed to flow at a very nice pace. Nothing was rushed and when the book was over I didn't have that urge to say, "Well that could have been longer." Everything about the pace of the book was good. And the plot points were very well written out. There wasn't anything lacking in the development of the story. 

Jon and Sandy were cute. I liked how they interacted together and how he helped her through her father's death.

If you like an easy mystery that will give you a bit of the history of Richmond and Texas then this is the book for you.


Beatrice Dee Pipes and Charles Wilbur Yates, Jr. write under the pen name Dee Wilbur, a combination of their middle names. This is their second work of fiction. A Texas native, Dee Pipes grew up in a small Texas town. Her degree from Rice University is a B.A. in English. She currently runs a company that helps other companies with marketing, project management, and other tasks. She has been married to her husband Bryan for thirty years. Also a native Texan, Charles Yates, Jr., was also reared in a small Texas town. He graduated from Rice University in Houston with a B.A. and Ph.D. in Biology. He received the M.D. degree from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School in Dallas. He has been married to his wife Sally for forty-five years. They have four adult sons and six grandchildren. He now tends his garden in Richmond, Texas.

Author Links:

Amazon Author Page

The authors are giving away two print copies and two ebook copies of Justice Perverted! Entry is restricted to USA residents only, please. Enter through Rafflecopter.

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Sunday Review: A Hero's Heart by Amber Daulton

Title  A Hero's Heart

Author: Amber Daulton
Genre: Romantic Suspense, Novella
Published: November 3, 2013
Source: Free Copy from author for an honest review

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Ten years ago, Jarrett Brandt left home and abandoned everyone of importance. After a hard reality check, the irresponsible young man matured into a ballsy DEA agent with a kickass Harley Davidson and a million-dollar bounty on his head. Ordered by his superior officer to take refuge at a safe house just days before Christmas, he headed back home to Washington State, instead, to make peace with his deceased brother’s memory.

Marissa Reinn Brandt never expected to see Jarrett again. Best friends since childhood and lovers as teenagers, immaturity, over-demanding parents and illicit drugs ripped them apart. Now a successful chef at a posh restaurant, the young widow and her son offered Jarrett a place to stay for the holiday. Even though she expected nothing from her former lover—the twin brother of the man she married—fate intervened.

As Jarrett and Marissa rekindled the flames of love and lust that once bound them together, an enemy from his past and a trusted mentor from his present vied their time in the snowy dark and threatened to destroy everyone he held dear. He needed a Christmas miracle to save his family and the love of a good woman to heal his battered heart. Nothing, no one, would stand in the way of his second chance with Marissa. Come hell or high water, he would cherish her body and her heart for all time.

Jarrett seethed. Ready to hit the highway on his Road King Classic and find a biker bar where he could bloody his knuckles, he turned and headed back toward the caretaker’s station. He reached the cracked sidewalk just as someone called out his name. His heart somersaulted as he flipped around. He’d know that voice anywhere. The woman who haunted his dreams skidded down the small hill in clunky shoes with damp auburn hair cascading around her shoulders. He expected her to stop a few feet from him just as his parents did but she jumped into his arms, instead, and knocked him back a few steps. She wrapped her arms around him. Her sweet scent filled his nostrils. He buried one hand in her curly hair and pressed her close to his chest with the other.

This one moment made the trip worth it.

“Marissa,” he breathed her name like a talisman. God, it felt so right to hold her again. She fit against him perfectly. Just a few inches under six feet, while he was a few inches over, their bodies meshed like a work of art. He should have married this woman, fathered children with her and lived his life to make her happy. Instead, he chose something just as intoxicating, just as beautiful to his ignorant mind, and abandoned her on the curb outside his family’s home. More than anything, he regretted that he’d left her behind. 

Ms. Daulton wrote a great little tale about a man who turned his life around and was trying to prove to not only himself but his family that he was now worthy of them. After conquering a drug addiction he finds himself in the middle of the DEA, head deep in trouble. Now he must find a way to save the ones he loves.

This was an easy read that didn't take me long to fly through. It flowed smoothly and there were plenty of times I found myself smiling at the characters. I felt bad for Jarrett, always so hard on himself. Marissa was a delight. I enjoyed their banter quite a lot. 

I think it was the son though that stole my heart. He was a sweetie. Although parts of the dialog with him felt like he should have been older than seven. He seemed very mature for a young child.

I enjoyed the father, coming around to claiming his son. Jarrett had a hard life and his father was harder on him than anyone else. It was a great joy reading how the family dynamics evolved.

I give this read a 4 star review because it is deff one that left me feeling good and smiling.

About the Author:
Writing is the fruit to happiness.
Author of Forever Winter and A Hero’s Heart, Amber Daulton lives her life by that one belief even though she normally isn’t so Zen.
She lives in the beautiful foothills of North Carolina with her punk-rocker husband and their five crazy kitties. Writing takes up most of her time, aside from her day job in the retail industry. As a fan of contemporary, paranormal and historical novels alike, she can’t get enough of feisty heroines and alpha heroes. Her mind is a wonderland of romance and adventure, laughter and awesome ways of kicking a guy when he’s down. She probably wouldn’t be too sane without her computer and notebooks. After all, what’s a girl to do when there are people jabbering away in her head and it’s hard to shut them up? Write! Nothing else works.

Social Media Links:

Blogsite – http://amberdaultonauthor.blogspot.com/
Facebook Author Page – www.facebook.com/amber.daulton.author
Facebook Friend Page – www.facebook.com/amber.daulton.5
Twitter – https://twitter.com/AmberDaulton1
Goodreads – www.goodreads.com/author/show/6624921.Amber_Daulton

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The Journey Through Self Improvement

In this day and age most people are so consumed with making themselves better than they were the year before and always fall short. I am not saying I'm any different, but what I am saying is this year I am doing it differently.

This journey has had many starts. From a young teenager to my current thirty year old self. And I think I have finally figured out why the previous attempts were unsucessful. So this will be a little glimpse into my journey and hopefully it might cause someone else to become inspired. 

As a child I was always over weight. I was bigger than most of my friends and I was extremely insecure with how I looked and who I was. As an audlt, that feeling stayed the same for a very long time.

I would work out and try to lose weight. It never stuck. In college I had two years where I worked out four times a week, ate right, and was very active. And I still felt like I was missing something inate about myself.

So what happened over the last decade that made me finally feel like I was whole?

Acceptance. But it wasn't an acceptance of others. It was an acceptance of myself. It was me realizing who I am, and how much I love being me. I was never able to change who I was because I was ashamed and unable to see me for who I really was deep inside.

So now, I am working towards losing 100 pounds. My goal  that sounds like a huge task. One that a year ago I would have told you was impossible. And now, I'm 33 pounds into my journey that started Aug 12, 2013. One year is what I need, one year is what I want. And in one year, I will succeed. 

So let us break this down step by step. How am i doing this?

1- Learn to be happy with who you are. If you first are not happy with the person who you actually are then how are you going to be able to support yourself in this hard goal? Because let us fasce facts. You might have others around you encouraging you but this is a task that only you alone can do. No one can change you except for you. I'm not saying be happy with your weight. Or whatever it is that you want to work on to change. But be happy with what your essence is. Are you happy with your life? Happy with your personality? Happy with what you do on a daily basis? I learned to be happy with the woman I actually was. Not the shell that held her. I love to write, I love to smile. I love to be with my family. I had to find the things I loved about myself and focus on those for a few months. Accept myself for who and what I am.

2- Make a goal to change one thing about yourself. You cannot expect to change your entire being overnight. You cannot expect to work miracles. Picking one thing and focusing on it, that's how success will come about. You don't want to set youself up for failure. This is one thing that I remember learning in Taekwondo. Don't master everything at once. Master one thing and then move to another. So what as my goal? To lose 100 pounds.

3- Decide WHY you want to change this one thing about yourself. Every good plan needs a why. A why gives you the motivation. Are you doing this for yourself or are you doing it for someone else?  I am doing this for myself. To make me a healthier and happier woman. Some people think I am doing this so one day I could get pregnant. While of course I hope that this is an outcome it isn't my why. I want to feel better about myself and this is why I haven't been able to succeed before. I always was trying to do this for someone else. I honestly think that because it was never for myself, I was always unable to succeed.Making my husband, parents or friends happy was never a real motivation for me. It actually pushed me to do worse. Because my heart and soul was never in it to win it.

4- Decide HOW you are going to make this change. My step-mom read a book, The Wheat Belly Diet, and thought this might be something for me to look into. So I did, and, well, she was right. This sounded like something I should try. So I picked a date, Aug 12, 2013 and decided no more wheat and flour. I was going to attempt to go free of my favorite food. Remember picking ONE thing ... Flour/Wheat. That was my key.

5- Be forgiving. Don't beat yourself up over your slip ups. Yes I do the best I can to not 'cheat' and eat bread but sometimes I fail. I give into tempatation. But I don't let that get me down. I allow for weakness because I know that I will overcome that slip. And each week/month I slip up less and less.

6- One day at a time ... I take it all one day at a time.

So now, I'm 33 pounds lighter and five months into this journey. I have already decided that if I don't make the 100 mark I won't feel like a failure. Because I haven't failed. I've already done something I wasn't ever able to do before in my life and that makes me a winner. I've never lost this much weight and I've never been this happy with myself. And that makes this quest a full one.

Now today I am about to be off on my first author event of the 2014 year. I have a brand new haircut, a brand new outlook on life and a brand new attitude of success.

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Waiting on Wednesday, Fire & Ice Book Tour: Academy of Love by Kate Deveaux

Academy of Love
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance
Publisher: Red Sage
Release Date: August 1, 2013

Boarding School was never this much fun….
Love smolders and the sex is red hot when Cassianna Baxter leaves behind a glamorous teaching career in Italy to return to her old Alma Mater, Lewiston Academy for Girls as the Deputy Head Mistress. No sooner does she arrive at the Academy than she walks smack into sexy Lawrence Taylor, her first love and ex-lover. He’s been looking for her ever since he was forced to leave her and now that she is back at the Academy he knows he has to win her back. And not just in his bed.
Lawrence watched her as she left the dance floor, he was rather getting used to watching her walking away. He didn’t mind the view, but he knew this time was different. She would be his as long as he didn’t frighten her off first. Feeling his growing need straining against his jeans, he followed her request and walked slowly away, and then to her cottage.
The moonlight streamed across her porch and lit a sliver of light across the threshold to the cottage as he stopped and took a deep steadying breath. The only thing separating him from what he wanted more than anything was her front door. Barely able to calm the pounding in his chest he took the porch steps two a time and placed his hand on the screen door. It squeaked as he opened it and then the wood door next.
In here,” Cassianna whispered to him from the darkness, “and shut the door behind you, I don’t want anyone to see you here.”
Oh, Cassie,” he said, seeing her silhouetted against the fireplace in the darkened living room. He couldn’t wait to get her out of those jeans. Unable to contain his emotions another moment, he moved to her side in a split second, gathered her up in his arms, his mouth finding hers and their urgent passions meeting. He’d waited too long for this and now he was finally going to have her. His mouth was hungry as his tongue found hers and he kissed her deeply. He pressed his body hard against her; he wanted to feel all of her touching him as his lips explored her luscious mouth making his cock hard with want. His body tensed under her nimble hands as she ran them along his shoulders and across his back, as his hands roamed her curves, remembering every part of her body as if it were yesterday.
Breathing heavily, they both stopped and looked at each other. “I want to remember this,” he said, as he undid her scarf, throwing it carelessly over his shoulder and then turned his gaze to her shirt buttons. Slowly, one, by agonizing one, he undid each button. Her body quivered with excitement as his fingers grazed her nipples but only teasing her by passing over them as her shirt slipped off easily and he continued his caresses lower. He knelt slowly down in front of her.

Kate Deveaux is a contemporary erotic romance writer and die-hard romantic. A former wedding planner, she has always been “in love” with love! Kate is currently working on several fictional stories – each filled with sexy romance, heroines who are no shrinking violets and heroes who make your heart skip a beat. She is a member of Savvy Author, Romance Writers of America (RWA) and their erotic romance chapter, Passionate Ink. 
Kate currently resides with her husband in Arizona.
Connect with the Author:

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Teaser Tuesday: A Hero's Heart


I love Christmas and I love bad boys so I am really looking forward to diving into this book tonight.

I'll have my review up on Sunday!


 When it comes to revenge, nothing is sacred, not even Christmas.
DEA field agent Jarrett Brandt returned home on his Harley Davidson to visit his brother's grave, not to reconnect with his first true love.
Now widowed with a son, Marissa Reinn Brandt expected nothing from the one who broke her heart--the twin brother of the man she married--but when her son offered him a place to stay for Christmas, she agreed for her son's benefit. 
As they rekindled the flames of love and lust that once bound them together, an enemy from his past and a trusted mentor from his present threatened to destroy everything they held dear.
Warning: a hero with a drug-filled past, lots of hot sex with a sexy redhead, an adorable little boy and bad language

My mind is a wonderland of romance and adventure, laughter and awesome ways of kicking a guy when he's down. I read, write and enjoy contemporary, paranormal and historical novels alike. I just can't get enough of feisty heroines and alpha heroes. Writing takes up most of my time, aside from my tedious day job in the retail industry, and I probably wouldn't be too sane without my computer and notebooks. After all, what's a girl to do when there are people jabbering away in her head and it's hard to shut them up? Write! Nothing else works.
When I'm not busy toiling away on my computer, I acknowledge the fact that I do, indeed, live in reality and then I remember that I'm married with five adorable kitties. *Wink wink* My wonderful, punk-rocker husband supports me in my career (cough cough--obsession) and always lends a pair of eyes to my manuscripts.

Teaser Tuesday, Fire and Ice Blog Tour: The Zoastra Affair by Victoria Pinder

Published by Soul Mate Publishing
Science Fiction Romance
Heat Level: Intimate
Length: 85000 words


A hundred years from now, Earth has trading partners with alien beings, mostly humanoid. However, going into space brought forth an unknown enemy who attacks Earth at will.
The Zoastra is part of the Earthseekers, an organization originally designed to go into space. Its new mission is to find Earth’s enemies.
Ariel is stuck on a Victorian planet and steals Grace’s body and life to get off the planet. Grace must get her body back before Ariel bonds with Grace’s husband, Peter. Then there is Cross, the man on a mission to find those who killed his family. Ariel is attracted to Cross, but she’s stolen someone’s life.

Short Excerpt:
I’m going to have to steal someone else’s body to get out of here.
“Ariel, are you listening?”
Ariel Transcender stared dumbfounded at the mother superior of her prison, a/k/a Aulnale School for Orphans. “Yes, mistress.”
She had no idea what happened, though she pasted a fake simpering smile of appreciation on her face. Ms. Rochelle walked away.
A few minutes later, Ariel looked out the window again, tuning out Rochelle’s mind numbing lecture on what was proper behavior when near a man. The boarding home on this planet gave the stupidest lectures of the galaxy. Her lips curled into a sneer. Women were not excited to be bound to men.
Could I do this to someone else? Do I have any other choice?
Lenchena, the teenage girl who’d stolen her adult body and taken off on Ariel’s ship, needed to be found. And Ariel refused to listen to the daily drivel about always listening to a man.


About the Author:
Victoria Pinder grew up in Irish Catholic Boston before moving to the Miami sun. She’s worked in engineering, after passing many tests proving how easy Math came to her. Then hating her life at the age of twenty four, she decided to go to law school. Four years later, after passing the bar and practicing very little, she realized that she hates the practice of law. She refused to one day turn 50 and realize she had nothing but her career and hours at a desk. After realizing she needed change, she became a high school teacher. Teaching is rewarding, but writing is a passion.
During all this time, she always wrote stories to entertain herself or calm down. Her parents are practical minded people demanding a job, and Victoria spent too many years living other people’s dreams, but when she sat down to see what skill she had that matched what she enjoyed doing, writing became so obvious. The middle school year book when someone wrote in it that one day she’d be a writer made sense when she turned thirty.
When she woke up to what she wanted, the dream of writing became so obvious. She dreams of writing professionally, where her barista can make her coffee and a walk on the beach, can motivate her tales. Contemporary romances are just fun to write. She’s always thinking whose getting hurt and whose story is next on the list to fall in love. Victoria’s love of writing has kept her centered and focused through her many phases, and she’s motivated to write many stories.
Member of Florida Romance Writers, Contemporary Romance, Fantasy, Futuristic and Paranormal chapter of RWA, and in Savvy Authors.
Visit Victoria online at: