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Souls Around The World Blog Hop Giveaway

This is a very exciting day for me, why you ask? Well....Today Lisa and I host our very own Blog Hop together. This idea came about when we were discussing our duet, Soul Mates that was released on September 24th. We wanted to do something special to celebrate our friendship and our project hitting all you wonderful readers.

Thus, the birthing of this wonderful blog hop! I want to thank all of the Authors and Bloggers who have joined Lisa and I on this adventure. We are so appreciative of your participation and hopefully in the future we can do more things together! So with out further delay I bring you my post about my topic that goes Bump In The Night.

Lucas Miser - A hard alpha wolf in the late 1890's. He had an appeal to him that women couldn't resist.

I have always loved wolves. There was just something about them from my first book regarding shape shifters that made me fall instantly in-love with them.

Creatures of the night have always pulled at me, made me urn for more. But not the fluffy and light creatures, the dark and tormented ones. The ones who need extra love.


 Here is an excerpt from Wolf Pack

Her eyes shimmered as the afternoon Montana sun played off them. She moved toward him and reached for his body as she dropped to her knees. He smiled just before she lowered her head to his stomach. Her hot breath sent chills to his cock, forcing it to jump in anticipation. Her mouth dragged across to his side where it suddenly stopped, now allowing her tongue to take a quick moment to tease his skin. Her hand ran up his leg until she found his heavy sac and cupped it. A slow moan escaped his lips when her fingers massaged against him. He brought his hand up to her head where he let his fingers run through her hair. He grabbed her locks in a fist and pushed her lower. She obeyed the unspoken command and sheathed his length in her hot, wet mouth. She started to suck, lightly tugging him deeper into her mouth, causing his toes to curl, the dirt below collecting between them. 

He dropped her hair from his hand, letting his fingers move down to her shoulders. His cock sprung from her lips when he pulled her up off the ground and to his mouth. He listened to her purr as he placed a kiss on her lips, just for a moment, before turning her around and bending her over, pushing her to the ground, and forcing her on all fours.

His hands caressed her ass while he spread her sweet spot and pushed himself inside. The thrusts picked up speed while he kept moving his shaft inside her tight tunnel of sweet honey. Moving his hips in rhythm with hers, he hit against her ass over and over; his sac slammed on her clit, and he quickened the pace. She moaned in pleasure, but for only a moment. He reached over to her hair and pulled her body up to his chest. 

Leaning into her ear, he snarled, “Don’t you cum until I tell you to.”

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 There are two giveaway's offered .... The Raffelcopter entry for the grand  prize (Sony Touch E-Reader, preloaded with books) and then my giveaway on my site. To enter the grand prize contest simply follow all of the Raffelcopter instructions. The grandprize is open to US, Canada, UK, NZ, Australia, Romania and South Africa residence. 

My site, I am giving away one (1) ebook copy of Soul Mates. In order to qualify you must join my blog site and post a comment inside this post stating you are a new (or existing) follower and where you signed up at (blog lovin, GFC, Twitter, etc...) This contest is open to everyone (Ebook only) no matter which country you reside in.

Good Luck to all you who want the free books. Check out the other sites, most blogs are hosting their own individual giveaway's as well.

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Saturday, September 28, 2013

October Donation - Mothers Enduring Neonatal Death

I know that inside this crazy world we live in that every person walking this earth has their cross to carry. Everyone's trials and tribulations are all equal in our eyes, just very different to the person experiencing it. Those of you who know me, are my friends, or who have read my poetry are aware inside my life I've had my own troubles in the form of infertility.

April 3rd, 2007 my husband and I lost our first child, Elizabeth. I was 16 weeks along when we had to terminate the pregnancy. It was confirmed that she was a girl and her body wasn't developing. She was missing her skull. I had started to miscarry but for whatever reason my body couldn't carry it out so we went to several specialists in Houston who all informed us our baby girl wasn't going to get to meet her parents.

I never thought there could be something so hurtful happen to me in my life. I was young; I had no idea of the intensity you feel when you love a child, until that first moment I realized I was pregnant. This little being inside me changed me very existence the moment we knew of her. I had sworn it was a boy in those first days. Well for those 16 weeks, until we were told differently. My whole pregnancy was strange. I kept telling my doctor that something was wrong, something felt off. He kept assuring me everything was alright and it was just first time jitters. 

How wrong he was....

A piece of my soul and my heart died on April 3rd. A part of me I will never get back while I walk this earth. Sadly, Elizabeth was just the first. We had three more miscarriages in the next two years following her death. Each time another piece of me broke away and by the end of 2009 I never wanted to be pregnant again. I still debate this inside my head on a daily basis. 

However, this is about my survival, mentally and physically.

When I lost Elizabeth I had no one to really turn to (in my eyes.) My family hadn't experienced this before, as I'm the eldest most of the things happen to me first between myself and my brothers. My parents never had this happen to them, neither had my step mom or my best friend. My Aunt turned me onto this support group. Mothers Enduring Neonatal Death. MEND. 

I was scared, going to a group of women to talk and cry about my daughter - this seemed odd to me. But I went anyway. The support I gained from these other women who actually knew my pain, knew what it was like, knew how much my heart was shattering each day, they saved me. They made me feel normal.

That year, we participated in a few things with the Houston Chapter. The October Walk To Remember was moving, very very moving. We were given angel ornaments that we put into the tree with Elizabeth's name on it. We still have it, it sits inside my glass case year round as a reminder of her spirit still with us. She even has a stocking I got for her for Christmas.

MEND saved my life, they were amazing. They taught me to cope, to keep caring, and to have hope. Even if my hope isn't so strong, I still hold onto threads thinking one day we will be blessed with an angel on earth, instead of in heaven.

On the first anniversary of our baby's death they sent a single rose. The hardest part about losing a child before it has come into this world is you feel like people forget they existed. Unless you experience this kind of loss, you don't usually acknowledge it. That's the hard part for me. Mother’s and Father’s Day, April 3rd, I always feel like my husband and I are forgotten, and our daughter. Along with the other three babies, are never remembered when other family members who have passed on before us are.

That's why it is so important that organizations like MEND exist. To help mothers and fathers learn that its okay and we will live through this heart ache.

For those of you who enjoy poetry, Whispers in the Dark contains several poems by Stacy, Teri, and I for our unborn angels in heaven. We love all of them and will know they live on through us, even though they are not here on earth to share in their world.

October is Neonatal Death Awareness month. My parents raised me knowing it’s important to give back to your community so this year I want to give back to the community that helped keep me afloat during the worst year of my life.

A portion of each physical print book sale I have from my website inside the month of October is going to go toward MEND. They are funded by donations only and every penny goes to helping a mother or a father deal with their grief. I hope that by doing this, I can help some other woman who feels alone and helpless know that she isn't, that life will eventually come back to normal and her soul will mend itself. 

My print books are all priced at $10.00 plus shipping. For each book purchased, $4.00 will go toward MEND. 

If you would like to purchase one of my books please click on this link. If you would like to contribute to the Donation fund, you can email me and I will help you coordinate.

Thank you in advanced for helping me give back to an organization who have saved so many women.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Book Blogger Hop Take 14

Book Blogger Hop
Question: What Weekly Meme's Do You Participate In?

Answer: I try to always participate in this meme if A) I remember and B) I have something to contribute to it. I also like Wordless Wednesday. I want to start trying to remember to participate in Teaser Tuesday or Six Sunday. I have found though I really enjoy this one because I feel like the people who follow this blog hop seem to come back on a more regular basis and I like repeat visits. It makes me feel like I'm making friends.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Soul Mates - Release Day!!!

I cannot believe this day has finally come! It is seriously a real dream come true. This duet includes my very first completed work of fiction, Wolf Pack. This baby has been through so many stages. Finally at the end of the day, this is a solid and hot short story. I am extremely proud of how far I've come in my writing and this is a testament to perseverance. Never give up - one day you will achieve what you desire.

I hope you all enjoy this duet from Lisa and I. We love our stories together and feel it backs a punch full of strong characters and sexy situations.

The concept of soul mates is timeless, but what happens when circumstance comes between soul mates? Will they find their way back to each other? This short story duo packs a hard punch in the realm of soul mates, giving the reader two different paranormal erotica’s that both ask (and answer) that very question.
Wolf Pack...
Lucas, alpah-wolf and playboy extraordinaire, must face hard truths when an old love returns to town bearing secrets of her own.
Souls Caught Fire…
Katrine, vampire assassin and femme fetal, must choose between love and business when a strong and unexplained attraction blooms between herself and her current mark.
If love is meant to be and souls are bound together by fate, Lucas and Katrine must find a way to hold on to the gift they’ve each been given. When life gets in the way, will love be strong enough to unite them with their soul mates?

Excerpt Wolf Pack
His hands caressed her ass while he spread her sweet spot and pushed himself inside. The thrusts picked up speed while he kept moving his shaft inside her tight tunnel of sweet honey. Moving his hips in rhythm with hers, he hit against her ass over and over; his sac slammed on her clit, and he quickened the pace. She moaned in pleasure, but for only a moment. He reached over to her hair and pulled her body up to his chest.
Leaning into her ear, he snarled, “Don’t you cum until I tell you to.”
“Yes sir,” she groaned out. He could tell her need was at the edge of exploding because her cries grew louder with each thrust.
 He reached his arm around to her front and cupped one of her breasts, running a finger along her areola, rolling her nipple with his thumb and forefinger. He felt it perk and harden in his hand. He tweaked her full nipple while his mouth dropped to the crease of her neck. She tilted her head, allowing him to bite her. From the sounds of her moans he knew she enjoyed the pain and pleasure equally.
His sac grew hot and heavy as he started to feel the pressure build inside it, making him give an intense growl. “Cum, now!”
A howl escaped both of their mouths, and at the same time she began milking his orgasm with her walls, making them tighten around his cock. They rode their climaxes out before finally collapsing onto the ground. He rolled off of her and onto his back, looking up at the stars.
“You were right,” she panted out, trying to catch her breath.
“Told you, the chase is the best part,” he said while licking his lips and staring at her.
“What is your name?” She looked at him with a questioning desire. It was apparent she wanted more than just one night.
“Lucas, my name is Lucas Miser.”

Excerpt Souls Caught Fire

The red sateen rode up her soft thigh, showing more and more of her skin. Marcus’s body pressed tighter to hers, his hips gyrating, grinding against her. The quick shallow breaths that panted from Marcus told Katrine just how into her he was. Though the need for release sat heavy within her, reaching a level close to desperation, it wasn’t Marcus who she would be picturing between her thighs or buried deep inside of her. Was that bad? A heady desire staggered deep in her gut as a rush of wetness soaked between her thighs. That feeling alone nearly had a yes ripping past her lips despite her one cardinal rule: don’t mix business with pleasure. Never before had the thought even occurred to her of breaking her rules before meeting Thomas Rykers just weeks prior. Damn him!
A sigh shuddered through her barely parted lips, and as much as Katrine wanted to give in, as much as her body craved this release, she couldn’t. Some lines were never meant to be crossed.
Marcus nuzzled against her neck, hands skimming dangerously high on her thighs. Katrine warred against herself.
“Just let go,” Marcus pleaded, his voice labored with desire.
A pleading tone was there and that snapped Katrine back to her reality. Weakness was not sexy. Not at all. She licked her lips slowly, words ready to spill forth, keyed to rebuke his advances. That was until someone cut through the haze with the subtle clearing of their throat behind Marcus.
“Marcus, you really should lock the door when you’re with your wife,” the intruder teased.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Wild for Cowboy by Kymber Morgan - Post #2 of my RNC Author Friends Books

Hello there - This is a follow-up to my time at the Romance Novel Convention. I picked up a few books while I was there and I decided I am going to post each of them as a Sunday Feature book of the week, along with a blog post about them. This is the second book I read from fellow author Kymber Morgan - a wonderful lady I met at the Romance Novel Convention in August, 2013 that took place in Las Vegas, Nevada.

This Week's Book is ....

  Wild for Cowboy

By Kymber Morgan

*** I received this print book free from the author***

CHASE DONAVAN, is about to lose his ranch, so risks a return to the Calgary Stampede’s famous Rangeland Derby, the nightly Chuckwagon race that cost him his bride to be and nearly killed him four years ago. But the competition's stiff and there's no guarantee he'll come home with the prize money, so when he's offered a lucrative contract as a male model, he hedges his bet and accepts, hoping no one finds out.

After he booted her out of his life on the eve of their wedding, JENNA CORDELL left her cowboy and her home behind, fleeing to Vancouver in pursuit of her art and a fresh start. The Western Art Show at this year's Stampede brings her full circle and face to face with the sexy jerk that still makes her toes curl in her boots just by looking at her.

When Jenna turns out to be Chase's photographer, he discovers she's grown into an irresistible bundle of charm and never-ending curves – curves he can’t seem to keep his mind off getting his hands on and the re-kindling sparks between them rival the Stampede’s Centennial fireworks display

But can she afford to open her heart again with his life on the line every race? And can Chase trust this new Jenna won’t reveal his secret and turn him into the laughing stock of the rodeo world as pay back for stomping all over her heart in the past

I loved how this book started. It's been a while since I read a 'Cowboy' book and this one was a nice read. It had an easy flow to it, one that didn't drag or force you to stop reading. The characters were easy to get to know and enjoyable. I liked that the book took place in Canada it's nice to see a new setting in books. Overall I recommend this to anyone who likes a cowboy themed read.

Purchase the book on Amazon Here

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Book Blogger Take 13

September 6th - 12th: What got you started as a blogger? Everyone has a story/reason, what's yours?

For me I was told I needed to start blogging if I wanted to help increase my success as an author. I never realized how hard it would be - but it's something I love and I'm so glad that I joined the world of blogging!

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Highland Shift by Laura Harner - Post #1 of my RNC Author Friends Books

Hello there - This is a follow-up to my time at the Romance Novel Convention. I picked up a few books while I was there and I decided I am going to post each of them as a Sunday Feature book of the week, along with a blog post about them. This is the first book I read from fellow author Laura Harner - a wonderful lady I met at the Romance Novel Convention in August, 2013 that took place in Las Vegas, Nevada.

This Week's Book is ....

  Highland Shift (Highland Destiny #1)

By Laura Harner

***I received this print book free from the author***

Elena MacFarland wonders what everyone else knows about her new farm that she doesn't, and whether she'll live long enough to find out. Betrayed by her fiancé and the powerful Worthington family, Elena fights back and negotiates a comfortable settlement with one small caveat: she must live in Scotland for two years. One kidnapping and two attempts on her life later, the darkly arrogant Scot, Faolan MacGailtry declares himself her new protector and moves into her farmhouse. Major problem? He was present at all three incidents. Elena decides to follow the adage to keep her friends close and enemies closer--but which is he? One by one, Elena uncovers Faolan's darkest secrets: his Druid heritage, his connection to her past, and finally, the deadly curse that is powerful enough to destroy them both.

A different kind of Druid Romance

This book had an interesting story line with the druids and the fae. I haven't read a good druid book in a long time so that was a refreshing change from my usual reading pleasure. I liked how she spun the love story; you could really feel the main characters attraction and heat. The chemistry was there and it was maintained throughout the entire novel. I do feel like parts of it were drawn out more than necessary. Some of the 'drama' that transpired was a tad repetitive. But I did want to know what happened to the couple as I was invested in their characters. Overall this was a good book - just a bit too long for me. Ms. Harner's writing style however was very easy to follow. It flowed very well and I really enjoyed the dialect she brought to life with her characters.

Purchase your copy today Amazon