Friday, August 4, 2017

Movie Review: The Dark Tower

You know how you sometimes wonder what it's like to be an actor standing around between scenes just horsing around for no reason, that's what this movie was ... unfortunately.

I first want to say, I am not exactly 'sold' on the Dark Tower novels, I have issues with the novels thus far and I am only starting book 3 tonight. So that being said I went into the movie theater hoping that maybe the movie might be better than the book. Because let's face it, there was as shit ton of walking in book 2 and that just got under my skin.

Anyway, I am not sure what the Director/Co-writer Nikolaj Arcel was thinking when he jammed these novels into 95 minutes of nothing. Not one scene was entertaining. My husband just said "I was more entertained by Captian Underpants." Seriously, this film took movie adaptations to an all time low.

How on earth can you have two amazing actors like Academy Award Winning Matthew McConaughey and Idris Elba and give them nothing, and I mean NOTHING to work with? Men full of talent and you leaving them just aimlessly passing through the night. It was such a pointless movie and I am sure there will be the one or two, and I legit mean one of two, people out there who loved it, this Stephen King fan and her husband certainly did not.

As an author I was outright mortified at seeing someone's work bastardized like this movie was. As a fan I was saddened and let down that King would allow anyone to ruin his work to this degree.

I won't let this stop me from continuing on with reading the series but this movie certainly wins for least favorite movie of my 34 years of movie watching.

Save your money ... don't waste it on this one. I can't even give it 1 star because there was absolutely nothing redeeming about what they did to these novels.

And even if i hadn't read the books, looking at this as just a movie goer, I still shake my head and wonder what in the hell did I just watch for 95 minutes.

I hope the next King book to get screen time has a better writer and director.

Razzie Award here you come The Dark Tower ... at least you may win something this season.

Signed - a disgruntled reader.