Sunday, March 31, 2013

Fun of Podcasting

Throughout my marriage my husband has been on this kick to have me try new things. For those of you who know me will know that I do not like to try new things often. I’m a bit stuck in my ways. Granted this usually applies to new food but sometimes we venture out and it applies to events that we participate in.

Today I stepped out of my comfort zone of the computer and joined my husband on his Podcast show. Knights of Geekdom. Where the Geeks have inherited the earth! Hubby’s two buddies were there with us. It was a lot of laughs and good times. Now mind you, this show is very ‘adult’ based, and at times a little crude … it is boys afterall running it, lol. But a lot of laughs were shared and it was all around great. It was technically my first face to face interview as hubby’s friend Alex asked all the questions.

It was very exciting to see someone who isn’t a friend of mine or a relative get so excited about my books. Honestly that was an amazing part of all this today. I am anxious to hear how the podcast turns out. Personally I think it will be well liked – minus some risqué conversation at the beginning. But hey risqué is fun, right?

I think I am going to come back to the podcast again, add a little more to my resume of items.

Most of all though it was great spending the day with my hubby laughing and enjoying each other. Nothing better than that.  

Friday, March 22, 2013

Aaron and Patricia Live from Ashley's Blog

I'd like to welcome to my blog Patricia and Aaron, fellow XoXo Publishing Authors! They are going to talk about their little gems and entice you to want to learn more.

1. First off why did you become a writer?

Aaron: It was quite the accident for me. My wife got me into a role playing group, and I hadn't written anything creative since high school. I found I really enjoyed creating characters and writing their stories. Then I saw a call for submissions for an anthology one day. I took a role play that Patricia and I had done, edited it, and submitted it and it was accepted!

Pat: I had an art teacher give us an assignment in high school. We were to write a descriptive narrative of a painting we would like to paint. After reading my paper she called me aside and told me my talent didn't lie with painting {truthfully I had no talent} but in the telling of the story behind the painting. 

 2. What does your wife think of your writing?

Aaron: My wife Wendy is very supportive. I believe it helps that I have a very hard rule about not letting my writing interfere with the kids' activities or our life in general. That's a good thing. It does make me a very slow writer compared to many others I know though. Patricia and I have been working on the story for the novel we are working on for nearly two years.

Pat: ~Giggles~ No wife....but his tells me I have talent, does that count?

 3. Have you thought about writing a solo novel or do you prefer the team writing?

Aaron: I really enjoy the collaboration of having another person to write against and with. It helps to have someone to bounce ideas off of, and honestly I think it makes us both better.

Pat: I wrote poetry as a younger woman. Nothing published mostly for my own amusement. But no First off I never dreamed of publishing anything I had ever written *squinting my eyes at my partner, then grinning* but this one *nodding at Aaron* he was the one who sneaked this in on me. 

 4. What inspires you to write?

Aaron: Similar to my collaboration comment above, my writing partners inspire me to write. All of them, in their own way. Other things do as well, maybe something I see, a picture, an idea, a song. There are some pages in particular on Facebook that I go to in particular when I need a jump start in the form of a visual image.

Pat: You’re not going to believe me but I have the ability to remember my dreams and Trish speaks to me a lot through my dreams. That and in the shower she screams at me in the shower or on my long car commutes into the city where I work ... she will demand I turn the radio off and listen to her babble.

 5. Do you have a special place to write in your home?

Aaron: Not really. I write on the couch, at the Tae Kwon Do studio, at Starbuck's, wherever I get a chance. I have to take the time where I can.

Pat: I took a car garage a few years ago and transformed it into a spare room, the rest of my home has dark wood paneling this room I had dry walled and I painted it a sunflower yellow. There I have my kitchen table and my computer set up facing a window where I can write and keep watch on my neighborhood.

6. How did you come up with the idea for your short story 'Tears of the Mermaid'?

Aaron: I would like Patricia to answer this one :)

Pat: *This gets him another glare* Well it actually all started when a member of our role playing group created a group page "Otherworlds: Pirates". Now there were two things as a child I was sure I was going be when I grew up; one was a pirate the other a cowboy. *Can we say tomboy* So for a Mermaid this was just tailor made for me and it gave me wings to fly....

7. Are the characters Rudy and Trish based off of the authors?

Aaron: Rudy is my character, and I think there is a lot of me in him. There are several incarnations of him in various settings and times. He was the first character I ever "created". Loyal, honest, compassionate, strong-willed, and always putting others ahead of himself, even though he's been through hard times. He's what I want to be, in a sense.

Pat: I am Trish and she is me there really is no separation of the two. I am the only landlocked Mermaid you will ever meet.

8. How long did it take you to write the first and second short stories? 

Pat: *Bows and grins* I'll let Aaron answer this one...all though I will say that we started writing together 2010. He does all the writing an editing. Truly I am just the side kick he does all the heavy lifting.

Aaron:  She never gives herself enough credit.  We started the Pirates version of Rudy and Trish in 2011.  Those two short stories are part of a much larger narrative that has taken us nearly two years to complete.  But the stories themselves in their current format took about a day or two to edit from their draft form.

9. Which is your favorite of the two short stories?

Aaron: Wow ... I love them both, but I think my favorite of the two is "Tears", because it Rudy's fight for Trish, the willingness to put it all on the line because he loves her more than he loves his own life. "I would rather die with you than live without you."

Pat: I have to say I agree with Aaron, not that both stories aren't dear to my heart, "Tears" means the most to me personally because this was done out of love and the pure fun of it. Not to be published nor even have anyone else ever read it. When we started this story I had no idea where it would take us but I was on the journey of a life time.

10. Aren't you making it into a novel? How is that coming along?

Aaron: The story is complete, and we are about 30,000 words into the manuscript. I've had to pause because my computer crashed, but I should have it back this week. Right now it is looking like it is around a 100,000 word story. And this is hopefully the first in a series, and I believe it is a unique concept for a series. But I don't want to give all that away right now.

Pat: Aaron is the idea man I have the habit of calling him "Butch", if you have ever seen Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid you will know what I'm referring to.

11. What's in the future for you?

Aaron: For me, I want to turn the Realmwalker Prophecy (which is the series name for Rudy and Trish's series) into a long-running series of novels. I already have ideas for eight or nine books. I have another collaboration with Dawn Treadway called "Children of Sheol: Dark Dreams". This is a paranormal romance between a demon and an empathic human. It's a finished manuscript looking for a home. Got a few other ideas bouncing around, but as I said above, I'm a slow writer. These ideas could represent years of writing. Which is okay with me.

Pat: Like I said and have all ways said I'm just the side kick to his genius. As long as he wants to keep me around I'll be happy to write with him. I really never expected our story to be picked up much less published so every day is a gift, a treasure I hold close to my heart.

Aaron:  *Shaking my head*  And as I said before, she is too modest.  None of this would have worked without her.

Fire Round:

Chocolate or Vanilla Aaron: Vanilla   Pat: Vanilla
Favorite Color Aaron: Blue  Pat: Red
Morning Noon or Night  Aaron: Night   Pat: Night
Weekdays or Weekends Aaron: Weekends  Pat: Yes
Favorite Holiday Aaron:  Thanksgiving.  What?  I like food.  Pat: Hands down. Halloween
Favorite Vacation Spot Aaron: Just about anywhere    Pat: The beach ANY beach.
Favorite Sport Aaron:  Football, hockey, and soccer   Pat: Watching the UK Wild Cats
Favorite Saying Aaron:  Sometimes you have to go through something to realize why you did it.  Pat: Where are we and why are we in this handbasket?


Rudy and Trish are the main characters in our two published short stories in the "Evernight: Romance in a World of Darkness" anthologies.  You can get to know them as well as get 23 other great stories!  Here's where you can find them:

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Evernight Volume 2:   Amazon       XoXo          ARe


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Thursday, March 21, 2013

March Madness

Do you hear that … the sport of Men … the most exciting contest in College (so says me) … And who is going to be declared the victor? The ball is brown with black stripes all around it. It bounces, full of air, it fits perfectly inside of a net. What is it? A basketball. The sound of the ball dribbling down the court, the smell of victory when your team swishes its way to the top. Ahhh it must be March!

I know not everyone is into sports, and not every sports fanatic is into every kind of sport. There are a few that I love and a handful that I like. But when I look back on my childhood/adolescence there is one season, well one month, that stands out and that is the NCAA March Madness. I remember the very first bracket that I competed in. I was in the 8th grade and I had no idea what I was doing. I randomly picked winners and the only thing I knew for certain as I was filling out the bracket was that KU (Kansas not Kentucky) was going to win it all.

Everything was going great, miraculously I was doing very well in the picks I had chosen and it was all lining up. And then, freaking Arizona came in and defeated my beloved Jayhawks. That was it for me my dreams of success for that year shattered.

You see – we (my family) eat sleep and breathe Jayhawks when it comes to the college basketball growing up. Still to this day I instinctively smile when I see the blue colors of Kansas. Everyone in my family loves them. Even as recently as last year, during March Madness, while my grandfather was ill, I remember him and my great-uncles being bound and determined to find time to watch Kansas play in the tournament. It didn’t matter how ill my grandpa was, he sat on the couch, yelled, screamed and hollered (like he was live on the side lines coaching!) for our men in blue.

So now it’s that time again … time for the NCAA to line up, face off and one team to declare the winner. Kansas is once again (as it is most years) ranked #1 in their division. Tomorrow night they will step on the court and dribble their way to the big W. But will they win the whole bracket? I hope so. But only time will tell.

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring Is In The Air

Spring is in the air and what does that mean for you? A lot of allergies and rain! If you are anything like me. LOL - I kid - I love spring, it's a great time because the blooms are starting and everyone seems to be in a better mood. One of my favorite memories of spring growing up was the end of a school year. Spring always signified the last 9 weeks of school, the last stent of homework, the last bit of stress, before summer break and FREEDOM! That's what I remember most with looking back on spring time.

Another thing I should add about spring time is all of the new movies. You start to see the trailers for the big summer block busters, the ads showing you what's going to be hot. I was just at the movies the other day and saw the trailer for Iron Man 3 - it deff made me look forward to seeing it. Then there was the Star Trek movie coming out the weekend before my birthday - that's going to be awesome I just know it. Yes yes deep down I am a Star Trek geek - dont laugh.

Speaking of geek stuff - this spring I am going to be attending Houston's ComicPalooza, AS A VENDOR! I'm very excited about this as I will have my own section of a table at to be included in the Artist Ally. It is kinda like, spring brings your hopes and dreams right to your finger tips.

And speaking of dreams ... one of my major dreams has come true, my first book in print is arriving March 25th. So make sure you stop by and pre order today!

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Introducing TD Jones an XoXo Publishing Author

I'd like to take a moment and welcome TD. Jones to my blog. She is a fellow XoXo Publishing author who has published Wedding Dresses and Spurs with them. I'm grateful that she took a moment to stop by and answer a few questions I sent her. Everyone at XoXo is very 'family' like and we all enjoy chipping in and hanging out together. So with out further delay, here is TD. Jones!

1.      First off why did you become a writer? I’ve always had a love for writing. It’s in my blood.

2.      What does your husband think of your writing? I don’t have a husband, but do have someone I call The Man. I really don’t think I impress him that much. I think no matter how famous I get, he still thinks I should do the cooking.

3.      Is there a genre you want to write in but haven’t yet? I would love to write a big mystery novel.

4.      What inspires you to write? Everything around me inspires me. I look at the world as my research.

5.      Do you have a special place to write in your home? I have a home office which I love to escape to, but here lately I seem to take my laptop to bed with me.

6.      How did you come up with the idea for your current title? Wedding Dresses and Spurs came to me one night when the character woke me from a sleep and was telling me about a wedding dress she was making for a cowboy’s family member.

7.      Are any characters based on you? I think each character I write has a pinch of me, but no not totally on me. If I had to pick up from this book, it would be Rose. I’m a true blond sometimes.

8.      How long does it take you to write your books? Each book is different. If the characters are really talking it only takes a couple of months. I work full time so nights and weekends are the only times I get to write, so sometimes its can seem really slow.

9.      Who is your favorite author? I love Sandra Brown…but have many that I would call my favorites.

10.  What's in the future for you? I hope a lot more books. I set my goals pretty high for myself so we will see if I reach them.

Fire Round:
Chocolate or Vanilla-Chocolate
Favorite Color-Blue
Morning Noon or Night-Early morning
Weekdays or Weekends-I love my weekends
Favorite Holiday-Christmas
Favorite Vacation Spot-Hawaii
Favorite Sport-Baseball, love it when the guys are warming up.
Favorite Saying-what goes around comes around

Links where I can be found.
Facebook: TD Jones/ Author