Sunday, March 31, 2013

Fun of Podcasting

Throughout my marriage my husband has been on this kick to have me try new things. For those of you who know me will know that I do not like to try new things often. I’m a bit stuck in my ways. Granted this usually applies to new food but sometimes we venture out and it applies to events that we participate in.

Today I stepped out of my comfort zone of the computer and joined my husband on his Podcast show. Knights of Geekdom. Where the Geeks have inherited the earth! Hubby’s two buddies were there with us. It was a lot of laughs and good times. Now mind you, this show is very ‘adult’ based, and at times a little crude … it is boys afterall running it, lol. But a lot of laughs were shared and it was all around great. It was technically my first face to face interview as hubby’s friend Alex asked all the questions.

It was very exciting to see someone who isn’t a friend of mine or a relative get so excited about my books. Honestly that was an amazing part of all this today. I am anxious to hear how the podcast turns out. Personally I think it will be well liked – minus some risqué conversation at the beginning. But hey risqué is fun, right?

I think I am going to come back to the podcast again, add a little more to my resume of items.

Most of all though it was great spending the day with my hubby laughing and enjoying each other. Nothing better than that.  

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