Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Early Review of Superman - Man of Steel

During the ComicPalooza event, the hubby snagged us two free passes to see the early showing of Superman - Man of Steel in Houston tonight. Since I've been all into reviews for books and what not I thought I would do a little blog about my thoughts on this not so new superhero in his new movie.

A little bit about me, so you know where I am coming from as I watched it. I didn't read any comics growing up. I actually just read my first comic a couple months back with Cat Woman and Batman. I did enjoy it but comics just aren't for me. That doesn't mean that I don't know WHO the superheros are (Marvel and DC) and that I don't enjoy them, because I do! Growing up my Ninja Turtle action figures were much more entertaining than anything Barbie and Ken had to offer. In fact my turtle at home was named after Mikey. It's why I only eat cheese pizza, still to this day. Gotta love the turtles. I also was a big fan of Batman. I even had my own little bat mobile as a toddler. My favorite superhero actually is the Batman. Always has been, always will be.

When I go into these superhero movies I always compare them to Batman Begins. I left that movie totally blown away. It was by far, awesome. I left the theater and picked up my cell phone to call D (one of my good friends) and ever since then that has been my benchmark of a good superhero movie. This movie deff fell way short of that.

The Good:
The action scenes were very good, it was jammed packed with movement after movement. I really enjoyed the different scenes and the way they were set up.
My Favorite moment was when Christopher Meloni showed up. I had no idea he was in this film and that made me really smile. I miss Stabler (on Law and Order SVU) and that alone had redeeming qualities in my mind.
My favorite character was Russell Crow's performance of Jor-El. I loved him!!!
Amy Adams was cute, as always. I don't think she can not be cute when she acts.
I think Kevin Costner did a good job as Jonathan Kent as well. The scene with the tornado was touching and pulled at my heart.

The Ehhh:
Superman himself was alright. Nothing to write home about.
The suit was better than just plain ole spandex but it's origins I was ehhh on. I always thought Martha made his cape or something and ehh. But it looked cool.
The bad guys were okay - I liked the premise of their story line, and why they did what they did. But, I wasn't in-love with their characters by any means. I think the best bad guys are ones that can really invoke fear in the person watching, and I wasn't feeling any fear.

The Bad:
I have major issues with parts of the plot. With out giving away spoilers I really feel like they ripped off scenes from Independence Day with Bill Pullman and Will Smith. You all know how I love my Will Smith movies and to see it all ripped off, yeah, that did it for me. I understand that there can only be so many original plots but come on, can you not think of something a little less obvious than a movie that came out in the 90's?
I HATE when movies that are based on books go in a different direction than the book itself. The hubs informs me that in deed, this plot isn't anything like the comics. THAT annoys me to no end. I was partly confused on a few things because I listen to my hubby talk about the comics and I quickly picked up that stuff wasn't in sync.
The Lois Lane and Clark Kent story  line I wasn't totally sold on. I mean, I get it's always the chemistry between her and superman, the big bad hero saves the girl, but I was just hoping for a little more.

The Overall:
I would rate this movie a 3.5 out of 5 stars. It was good, I enjoyed it. But when you stop and think about it, it just pissed me off. I can't get over the 'bad's' mainly because I expect two things: Originality and Staying true to the 'books'. Too much was like Independence Day for me to stay it was 'original' and the plot, while I did enjoy it, veered to far off the origins of the story.

Would I recommend it? Sure, it was one of the better movies I've seen as of late, would I rush out and buy it to keep, nope.

But - I did enjoy my date night with the hubby so all in all it was totally worth it. Even the standing in line and waiting forever to see if we were even early enough to gain entrance into the movie.


  1. How can you say stay true to the books when you think comics arent for you and you havent read the superman comics or graphic novels

    1. It's her review and I haven't seen the movie yet so it's hard for me to critique most of her critique. But it's this point Hasan brought up that makes me raise my eyebrows.

      Basically, Ashley, if your husband never told you that the story was a departure from the source material, you would not have known at all. Because you say yourself you didn't read the source material. So I don't understand why that would cause you to have such a vehemently negative response to that specific aspect of the film. It comes off as extremely fake and artificial.

  2. This review exists as a plea for attention. Once the movie is released your "space ship with blue light =Independence Day" logic will be irrelevant.

    1. I think your comment exists as a plea for attention... While I do not agree with her statements, I think this is an instance of you simply speaking to hear your own voice.

  3. Hey, you're entitled to your opinion and not everyone will love the movie. So it's perfectly fine if you prefer Batman Begins over Man of Steel.
    All of that said, I feel the need to point out that many things you call unoriginal or a departure from the source material actually comes from the comics. Sure, they took some liberties, but for the most part, almost everything you saw in Man of Steel has appeared in comic form.
    Granted, maybe you won't see this not on the main books, but there are more Superman stories besides them. Elsewords, Earth 1, and other graphic novels.
    Still, you enjoy what you enjoy. And if you came out of the theater not feeling the movie, then that's perfectly understandable.
    Although the vast majority of reviews I've seen actually praise the movie for been quite good, so I'm really looking forward to the release of the film, and the reaction of the general audience.

    1. Fogdark,
      You are an eloquent speaker. I just wanted to say that. Have you read both Earth 1 volumes? I heard the movie was supposed to mostly be based on Earth 1, but that was a statement made back in 2010.

    2. Yes, I've read both of them and there are ideas, and several points that can be found on Man of Steel. Now don't get me wrong, the movie is it's own story, but if you look careful you'll find moments in the movies that almost seen taken right out of the comics.
      I recommend you read Superman: Birthright and Superman: Secret Origins. These stories, I believe, influenced the movie more than any other.

  4. Oh Ashley, thanks for my entertainment today.

    Granted all the hype you have caused over this "Independence Day" rip off you claim makes me want to watch even more, I need to decide if you are right or not. :)

    1. Well Glad I could bring you some enjoyment and entertainment. All I'm saying, while I was sitting in the chair and watching it I just kept expecting Bill Pullman to come out with his bull horn and make a speech about claiming our independence and Will Smith to hop on the aircraft headed for the alien ship and save the day. That's all, lol.

    2. And Ashley I would like to defend you further, as I have now read to further references to Independence Day, so you are clearly not alone in your opinion. Can't wait to see the movie!

  5. Ashley is so stupid. She needs a good slap in the face for this stupid review. Comparing this masterpiece to Independance Day? This is why nobody respects womens opinions, they suck.

    1. Jennifer ,
      Who ele has suggested there might be Independence day references in this film?
      Not disagreeing . I would just like to read them if they are reviews.
      Recently, when I saw Olympus Has Fallen,I thought of Independence day any time I see a national monument blow up, I think of that movie.

    2. Who else , I meant.
      Sorry about the little typo there.

    3. Anonymous - You do not need to come to my blog and disrespect me. That's uncalled for and you should be ashamed you think so little of women.

      Gary, here are a couple links

      first comment

      post 242

    4. Ashley,

      people who go unnamed are not even worthy of your attention. At least you were brave enough to put your opinion out there ;)

  6. Wow, so freedom of speech isn't allowed anylonger? she didn't give it a raving review so what? you are all acting like brats because of it .. get a grip.. we don't all like the same thing i am sure if you put up a not so great review of a movie and someone commented on it you would get all huffy and puffy and not be impressed ... but calling her names is being a BULLY... and that is what most of you are ... if you don't have anything nice to say then keep ya trap closed

    Sorry Ash this just annoyed me

  7. Thanks Ashley, i will check those out.
    I am sorry that people get crazy like this .
    I call it predetermination of greatness.
    Comic book fans often decide ahead of time that a movie they are looking forward to is the greatest thing since sliced bread .

    1. I'm not sayin it sucked, I did like it. I just took issue with some of it. When you watch the movie, there are a series of scenes that just to me feel copied because of how they filmed it and wrote the script. I just felt those parts could really be more original.

      I hope you like it, and thanks for the sentiment...people do get crazy.

  8. I am not going to be able to see it for a couple of weeks .
    I am going with a friend who was thinking about taking her seven year old .
    what do you think?
    Any excessive violence or cursing ?
    Thanks in advance .

    1. There are a couple scenes that I think would be hard on a little child. It's PG13 for a reason ... One with Superman and Zod in particular at the end. I'd say no. But that's just me.

  9. The Dark Knight blows Batman Begins out the water. I suggest you see all Superman movies; especially 1 and 2 and Superman Returns and then let us know which one is better.

  10. While I get people's right to like or dislike what they see on screen, your critique that it isn't the same story is so short sighted. Comics change and up date all the time fyi. And the same story is why Superman always bombed and never connected.

  11. Henry Cavill will never take the place of Christopher Reeves (IMHO) but he does present a side of Superman that we have never seen before. And, he does it well. He looks like he was born to play the role. I also like the performances of Dylan Sprayberry and Cooper Timberline. They play the younger version of Kal-El and bring the same sense of gravitas that Cavill brings to the character. http://reviewtravelfilmproducts.blogspot.com/2013/06/director-zack-snyder-music-hanszimmer.html