Monday, September 7, 2020

My Political Outlook Struggle Part 5 - Social Media

     I am not one to believe usually in conspiracy theories; but it sure feels like I am living one. A week ago I decided to use my blog to post my own opinions and thoughts on the current political climate as it affected my life. I've spent the last 4 years relatively silent, especially on my author public persona because I didn't want to offend someone. And now my Facebook author page has been taken over by hackers and out of my control. 

    Call it coincidental, but I don't believe in that. The moment I made my first post public a couple friends text me and told me by the end of the week I would be in Facebook jail because there is an attack on Republicans. I brushed it off, that sounded crazy. Well I wish I was in Facebook jail. Instead, my author page that I have worked tirelessly for 8 years has been taken over, unpublished and likes are being removed. And I can't do anything about it.

    I AM ASHLEY NEMER! I have a birth certificate to prove it! I AM ASHLEY NEMER. 

    Facebook of course doesn't have any way to call someone and report a problem. So I have a tweet. Can anyone who reads this with a Twitter account please go reteweek this link? Maybe if enough people do it Facebook will take notice. CLICK HERE

    This is what I have discovered. I took photos as proof in case it all went poof too.

    When I go to report this page problem to FB it crashes and won't let me. But I see these hackers have changed my name. See photo below:

    I had almost 2600 likes when this all happened and now it's being depleted. You see they changed it from Author Ashley Nemer to ANemerPAGE.88. When I Google that, see what comes up, Photo below:



    How can FB allow their servers to be hacked like this? Saturday some weird shit was going on with my profile so I changed all of my passwords everywhere. I even checked my author profiles to make sure that no one was added as an admin. NO ONE WAS ADDED! Now somehow I am removed??? It makes no sense what so ever.

   I am not outright blaming the Russians for attacking me because I am a Republican and made political posts. It sure as hell seems like it! But I am fucking angry. And Facebook needs better ways to be contacted!!!!

    I am heartbroken, in despair, feel so defeated. Nothing could have prepared me for this ... nothing. 

    If anyone reading this has connections to Facebook please help, please. I am literally begging.

    Since when did life make it okay to steal other people's work?