Monday, July 10, 2017

Going Vegan? Just Another LIfestyle Change

( My Daughter, My Motivation )

Some days it feels like trends and fads pop up quicker than we can research them. At the heart of them I strongly feel is the desire to become healthier and manage a higher quality of life. At least that's the case for the trends and fads in my home.

After the past 6 week mental struggle with hearing that Lupus is almost a guarantee part of my future I've been seeking out reasons as to 'why' these auto-immune issues keep happening to me. Why Why Why ... isn't that the great question?

There just ins't a definitive 'why' but there are things to be done to improve the auto-immune turmoil that I feel is my life.

The first step - Acceptance. This is where I have been working towards for five years. First it was acceptance of fertility issues then it was acceptance if insulin resistance then PCOS and on and on. How with the Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis looking back at me it is no different. I've come to understand that I cannot change what is going on in my blood stream all I can change is how my body handles it.

The second step - Being Proactive. Growing up as a Nemer one of the greatest things I feel like I learned from my father was not waiting for life to come at you but being prepared ahead of time. Those who know me really well may tell you I overplan for everything. I am extremely efficient and it isn't often that I am thrown for a massive loop. So when the doc gave me this 'dooms day' revelation that I am probably going to end up with this diagnosis my mind starts to freak out, then it accepts it and now it is time to be proactive. I start reading about diets and a friend of mine gives me this auto-immune diet plan and I think to myself "give up cheese no way!"

Then July 5th happens ... I watch the movie "What The Health" and I squirm and shiver as I watch about what humans do to the animals we deem and food and then I learn that cheese is a bi-product made up of 'cheese puss.' Yuck.

The icing on the cake was my doctor telling me that I should give serious consideration to adapting a lifestyle that is without animal products.

Now, step three - Implementation. Today is day 1, of the 14 day vegan challenge. To be fair I personally am going to try and adapt to this life style just like I've done with gluten free and processed sugar free. I'm dragging my kids along for the ride with me because I want them to be healthier too. They don't need all those unnecessary chemicals in their bodies either. And my hubby ... well, he is up for the two week challenge. I hope that he notices a drastic enough difference that he will continue on the path with me.

I'm not sure how a cheese loving woman like myself is going to handle the new lifestyle. I'm not upset at all about giving up meat, I could take it or leave it. But cheese, she and I were BFFs.

But when it comes to health there isn't anything I would not do it live a LONG and happy life. I am not looking to be stuck on medications my entire life. I want to be free of the drugs and then if that means trying new ways to reset my body then so be it.

I mean, the food can't be all that bad ... Just fruits and veggies right?

I am curious if anyone of you have gone vegan and if so what was your experience with it. I really am looking forward to feeling better and having more energy. I think if you go into a new lifestyle with an open and positive outlook then you are bound to have a better success rate.

And of course, since this is a journey I will be posting 'vegan' and 'gluten free' journey updates and recipes. Last night I made an apple cobbler that was delicious. We will see how my dinner goes tonight before I post anything.

Happy Monday!