Monday, September 30, 2013

Souls Around The World Blog Hop Giveaway

This is a very exciting day for me, why you ask? Well....Today Lisa and I host our very own Blog Hop together. This idea came about when we were discussing our duet, Soul Mates that was released on September 24th. We wanted to do something special to celebrate our friendship and our project hitting all you wonderful readers.

Thus, the birthing of this wonderful blog hop! I want to thank all of the Authors and Bloggers who have joined Lisa and I on this adventure. We are so appreciative of your participation and hopefully in the future we can do more things together! So with out further delay I bring you my post about my topic that goes Bump In The Night.

Lucas Miser - A hard alpha wolf in the late 1890's. He had an appeal to him that women couldn't resist.

I have always loved wolves. There was just something about them from my first book regarding shape shifters that made me fall instantly in-love with them.

Creatures of the night have always pulled at me, made me urn for more. But not the fluffy and light creatures, the dark and tormented ones. The ones who need extra love.


 Here is an excerpt from Wolf Pack

Her eyes shimmered as the afternoon Montana sun played off them. She moved toward him and reached for his body as she dropped to her knees. He smiled just before she lowered her head to his stomach. Her hot breath sent chills to his cock, forcing it to jump in anticipation. Her mouth dragged across to his side where it suddenly stopped, now allowing her tongue to take a quick moment to tease his skin. Her hand ran up his leg until she found his heavy sac and cupped it. A slow moan escaped his lips when her fingers massaged against him. He brought his hand up to her head where he let his fingers run through her hair. He grabbed her locks in a fist and pushed her lower. She obeyed the unspoken command and sheathed his length in her hot, wet mouth. She started to suck, lightly tugging him deeper into her mouth, causing his toes to curl, the dirt below collecting between them. 

He dropped her hair from his hand, letting his fingers move down to her shoulders. His cock sprung from her lips when he pulled her up off the ground and to his mouth. He listened to her purr as he placed a kiss on her lips, just for a moment, before turning her around and bending her over, pushing her to the ground, and forcing her on all fours.

His hands caressed her ass while he spread her sweet spot and pushed himself inside. The thrusts picked up speed while he kept moving his shaft inside her tight tunnel of sweet honey. Moving his hips in rhythm with hers, he hit against her ass over and over; his sac slammed on her clit, and he quickened the pace. She moaned in pleasure, but for only a moment. He reached over to her hair and pulled her body up to his chest. 

Leaning into her ear, he snarled, “Don’t you cum until I tell you to.”

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 There are two giveaway's offered .... The Raffelcopter entry for the grand  prize (Sony Touch E-Reader, preloaded with books) and then my giveaway on my site. To enter the grand prize contest simply follow all of the Raffelcopter instructions. The grandprize is open to US, Canada, UK, NZ, Australia, Romania and South Africa residence. 

My site, I am giving away one (1) ebook copy of Soul Mates. In order to qualify you must join my blog site and post a comment inside this post stating you are a new (or existing) follower and where you signed up at (blog lovin, GFC, Twitter, etc...) This contest is open to everyone (Ebook only) no matter which country you reside in.

Good Luck to all you who want the free books. Check out the other sites, most blogs are hosting their own individual giveaway's as well.

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