Tuesday, September 25, 2012

First Time Jitters...

First time jitters, everyone gets them even on the second, third, and fourth go around. It’s the coping with these jitters that drives me insane. First there is the fluttering in your stomach. Will it work, will you be successful? Will all your efforts pay off? Will you come out looking as good as you did when you started? How long will it last, will it be over in a quick flash or will it be drawn out for you to enjoy.

Next the racing of the heart. Anticipation, excitement…nervousness. That moment of greatness is approaching and what is it we all want, the big and final score. Will we make it this time?

First time jitters…yes we all get them, no matter what the topic, cause, issue or event. We go through the stages of panic.

That’s what I’m experiencing right now. It started last night when I sat in my comfy chair on the couch to start the push for my book release. I was semi-cool and nonchalant … semi. That was, till the publisher told me to go look at two websites. That’s when I lost it. Yup, all cool calm and collectiveness went out the window as I, Ashley Nemer, became a published author.

Now that was the easy part. If I just wanted be a published author I’d call this a slam dunk. But I want more. I see the big picture, the next step, the brighter tomorrow and I’m going to climb my way through the challenges.

So where does that leave me now? Release day 1, T-plus 14 hours from my ground breaking publication. Nervous as all hell. I can barely eat and my mind is going a million miles a minute. I can’t stop watching the ticker on my website click away as strangers surf through my world. It makes me stop and question, “Do all authors go through this?” I’d like to think yes, but we all know I’m a bit different. It’s that uniqueness I think that brings a little flavor to this new author, if I do say so myself.

At this point I’m on the downward slope of Release day 1 and my hands still shake, my stomach’s still in knots and the only thing giving me sanity is my Sister in Crime sitting next to me making me laugh.

Thank god for lifelong friends.


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  1. Ashley, I am so beyond excited to read the book and I am soooo trapped at work until like FOREVER! Ugh! I just read an excerpt on it and I was like really? I mean do I really need to work... and then I realized well I need a paycheck to buy books! lol

  2. LOL which excerpt did you read? And it's okay we can catch up on our monthly lunches next month!