Saturday, September 1, 2012

Leash, we don't need no stinkin leash....

(Written from Toto and Doogies Point of View)

They looked at each other, their eyes twinkling from the reflection of the television being left on overnight.

Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Doogie said to Toto.

If you are thinking that cord to the thing that your human fiddles with all the time looks tasty then yes. Toto tended to be the good puppy but on occasions he would succumb to Doogie’s orneriness.  

No I’m thinking that when we go out for our adventure today we give our humans a good chase, they need to be walked, and they are always on the couch. Doogies big black eyes looked over at his brother, Toto’s brown little ears perked up with excitement.  

I love to run, this will be good.

A few hours passed till both of their humans were awake. Doogie and Toto knew how much the woman liked their running around so they immediately took off chasing each other. And as expected she started to yell. Your human is very moody in the morning Toto you should lick her more she likes that.

Well if you didn’t bite her hair she wouldn’t yell why can’t you just sit peacefully in her lap? 

Never mind, her lap belongs to me, you stick to the man. You two like lying all over the couch anyway.

The dogs and their humans spent the morning relaxing together while watching a show on television about that man whose named after a food that involves the green leaf stuff and dogs. Everything went well till Toto noticed someone sitting on his human.

Doogie she is mine don’t make me come over there on that recliner and chase you off.

Dooies ears perked up and he got on all four, in a quick second they pounced each other and began rolling around on the ground. The two humans got excited and started cheering them on, what with the shouting and clapping they were doing. The dogs loved when they could entertain their humans. Finally they stopped their playing and the family got ready to leave.

Doogie I keep telling you when it’s walk time you have to trick the human into thinking you are calm. If you keep wagging your tail like that we won’t ever get out of here.

Doogie paced in front of the door anxious to go. He watched as Toto’s human went outside and that’s when he saw his escape. Swift like the wind Doogie jumped into action and ran outside. The human female called for him but he didn’t care, all that was on his mind was, FREEDOM

Toto didn’t like his human yelling at his brother without him being present so he raced out of the house to see what she was doing to Doogie. When Toto saw her leaning over in her car he thought, CAR RIDE SHOT GUN And hopped into the front seat. 

My turn get out! Doogie said as he jumped in right after. See your human is angry she is yelling at us and opening other doors, come on lets get out of here.

As they jump out of the car they notice the male human has opened the other car. Doogie loves that car, it’s his human’s favorite toy. Without thinking he runs and jumps into the back seat. Toto where are you come on, car ride!! Doogie shouted. 

No no, car rides are boring ever since you came along I don’t get to sit up front I’m going to stay right here and play in the grass.

The humans tried to bring Toto into the car but he kept outsmarting them. They would move right he would go left. He evaded every one of their cleaver tricks.

Hey you can’t have all the fun! Doogie hollers as he jumps out of the car and starts running past the humans. Now the masters and their two humans are running in circles. Everyone is trying to catch each other. We should really let them win once in a while makes them think they are in charge. Doogie tells Toto.

After you then pup! Toto hates giving in first, if he started to act like the humans wanted him too he knew his female human wouldn’t spoil him so much. 

Doogie took the first step and ran into the car. The male human felt proud and quickly shut the escape route off. Toto lowered his head to his female and let her guide him into the car. Once everyone was buckled up and heading off Doogie looked at Toto and goes, Wait till they see me at the dog park…

Coming Soon.....Blood Purple, September 25th