Saturday, October 13, 2012

Dancing on the Dance Floor

October 13, 2012-This was a Thursday. Not just a normal Thursday, a special one. This was the day that I shed tears of joy for completing my first novel.

The feeling of completion is hard for me to describe because I think everyone has their own way to describe pure and utter happiness. Pressing the final period in my word document ending Zayn’s final scene, powerful, totally powerful. It reminded me of walking down the aisle at my wedding, holding my husband’s hand as he slipped my ring on my finger, the end of an era the start of a new one. That’s what this was, I had finished the first stage of my writing career and the new stage started.

The journey wasn’t very long, April 2012 the idea became a reality, the first key strokes were typed, the first paragraph then the first chapter. Six months later, done. So much has happened in the last year since my first novel was finished. I’ve written one short story, one set of poems for a book, the second book for the Blood Series and have started the third. So much writing yet the ideas and words never seem to stop spinning in my head. That’s prolly a good thing.

Well I’m going to make this blog short and sweet tonight … no need for a thousand words, or pretty little images painted in your minds about my work. ‘Cause the bottom line is, I’m blessed. I’ve had so much support along the way, from my Beta readers (who are a handful of women who have become dear friends and my husband), to my family, to all my writing partners out there on Facebook, to the hundreds of people who liked my page, status’s and posts. To the individuals who bought Blood Purple.

Yes I am blessed. I am fortunate enough to have found a spot to express my inner ideas, thoughts and stories and an audience to share them with.

I remember one evening as a child, we were at The Lake of the Ozarks listening to my mom’s band playing up on stage. I was dancing on the dance floor watching Mom jamming on her keyboards, she looked so happy, like she was finally home, in peace with herself. That’s how I feel every time I sit down to write and for that, I could never be more grateful.

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