Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday Book Blogger Take 2

Last Book To Make Me Laugh Out Loud 

Okay this is going to be really sad but I had to look through my 'recent' purchases on my Kindle to figure out which book made me laugh out loud last. Most of the books I read are not 'funny' in nature. Sadly, the only response to this is 50 Shades of Gray. This was the last book I laughed out loud with. And not because it was funny but because I was completely disgusted by it. 

Don't get me wrong I'm not a prude, I enjoy erotic books but this was just such a bad representation of the genre and almost a complete rip off of Twilight. I laughed because I kept thinking, 'what the fuck am I reading'. I have major issues with this book on so many levels. Way to many to get into on this blog. 

But how sad is this - I read that book last fall around October-ish and I haven't laughed, really laughed, at a book since. Hmmm - Maybe this means I need to add a bit of humor to my book collections.

Now in 2012 I read the Fletch books with my husband and I kept laughing with those books in a good way. I really enjoyed them.


  1. I agree FSOG made me laugh for the same reasons.

  2. Glad someone does. Starting to think i was alone in this lol