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Tanerk Raka- Blood Myth - A Character Interivew

 Happy Birthday to my bestie and sister, Stacy Moran. If any of you have followed my previous blogs about her book, Blood Myth you will know that I absolutely love her character Tanerk Raka. Almost more than my own evil characters. Stacy gave me a little treat by letting me sit down with Tanerk (My Pumpkin as we tease) and interview him. I hope you enjoy what he has to say ... If you want more of this book check out the 'Featured Book of the Week' and I'll have some more details posted there.

Ashley - Thank you for taking the time to sit with me, Tanerk. I won't take up too much of your time but I am curious on a few things. First - I'd love to know your reaction to the end of the book, specifically the last page. Do you know who the father is, or are you going to be surprised like the rest of us?

Tanerk“Anything, for a beautiful lady. See not so bad, am I. My reaction to the book, Stacy has a skill for writing me as close to as possible to my true self but it was not completely how I would have relayed, the turn of events. Of course I know who the father is, the thing is will what everyone finds out be the truth or not.

Ashley - What is it about the Ruzicka sisters that make you crave them? I mean, I know what's in the books but is there something else driving you? Wouldn't just one do you enough?

Tanerk – “One would never be enough and yes there is something else driving me but it is too soon to share exactly what and why the Dakhla women are so important to me.”

Ashley - Are you proud of Zakah? I realize he isn't exactly doing his father's work but if you could look at his life from an objective point of view, are you proud?

Tanerk “That actually is something I have never thought about before, maybe more accurate answer would be I respect him. A male Raka has natural urges and the ability to control them as Zakah has takes great strength.”

Ashley - Have you ever loved someone and, do you want to be in love?

Tanerk “Yes, I have loved someone before, many years ago… Do I want love now, no I don’t.”

Ashley - Why do you think that you are so popular with the readers? You would think with all of the evil that you have done in your lifetime people would be scared and disgusted by you.

Tanerk “Scared, disgusted? Are you disgusted by me? Look at me? I am the dark secret every being craves but is afraid to admit their desires.

Ashley - How do you feel about being a pawn in a game of the gods?

Tanerk “ Did you think that question would throw me off? Who’s to say, the gods are not my pawn? Akhekh sits on his throne and watches what his creations do because of his boredom but we are the ones doing… The gods live in their own sense of delusional security but it is us the mortals, the Saka, and the Raka who have the true power.”

Ashley - Are you excited about book two?

Tanerk – “Excited? I think my story is not a one book story so, yes I am excited but it will not be the end of me.”

Ashley - If you could change one thing about the book what would it be and why?

Tanerk “There was more of me and my past with the Dakhla and of course me and my time with Sorina.”

Ashley - I am sure you know that I am like your biggest fan, and it's quite an honor to be able to sit here with you and pick your brain. I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have. Do you have anything you would like to add to this interview before we get to the final round?

Tanerk “Pumpernickel, you are the only one beside Stacy, I would sit here this long with. I have enjoyed our time and will enjoy more time off the record with you. Something to add, not everything is as it seems and there are plenty more surprises in store for everyone, including Stacy.”

Ashley - Alright now it's time for the lightening round ... Pick one word for each answer.

White meat or Dark meat? No meat
Day or Night? Day, morning to be exact
Boxers or Briefs? Neither
Knives or Swords? Myself
Magick or Demon? Both
Whips or Chains? Hands on kind of guy
Daughters or Sons? Depends
Virgins or No? Again depends
Power and Control or Submission? Complete and utter domination

Check out more info on Stacy A. Moran Here

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