Thursday, June 27, 2013

A look back on my journey

I used Grammarly to grammar check this post, because they were kind enough to provide the giveaway for next week's release day blog!

It is an extraordinary journey one takes when they follow their dreams. You never know where the next excitement will come from, who will be there at the finish line or who will be in your corner lifting you up at each stumble. My path as a writer was just that – a journey to follow my dreams down an unexpected road. When I look where I was three years ago I smile, there is so much about writing I had no idea about. And I’m not talking about the grammar.

I’m talking about the need, the need to write. At first it was just something that I enjoyed, something that I thought would help pass the time and entertain me. I had no idea that it would become my way of life. People have many wants and needs in their lives and when I started this path I wanted to write. Now, three years later, I need to. A day does not go by that I do not write something.  A poem, a chapter, a blog, a blurb, anything. It has become my go to action for self-expression.

I look at a few works of fiction that I started on several years ago and compare it to the works I do now. I do not even seem to be the same style of writer. I’m amazed at the growth and depth I’ve been able to achieve. Even in my poetry.

I think this comes from confidence. I no longer have the need to seek people’s approval over my work. The only approval or recognition I need is what I gain from myself. No more is there that shy individual who was afraid to show her words before the world. She needed people to acknowledge that what she said was worthy. Now, the woman behind the words knows that her message carries a punch and will fall onto the world and make a mark.

It is a powerful feeling when you see someone enjoying your world that you created. Seeing readers and fans comment, quote and enjoy my works is more joy than anything could give me. The best moment, when a fan told me they had a terrible week at work, and the only good thing they accomplished was reading Maverick Touch: The Cat my first mystery novel. That is what makes me feel like I’ve arrived, knowing I have contributed to someone else’s enjoyment.

As an artist that is my only wish, to spread happiness, enjoyment, serenity, through the art of writing. Is writing for everyone? No, it is hard, it has painful moments, and it is a monster. But if you are ready to overcome your fears and express yourself to the world it is the best reward … more than money could provide. Books are our treasures for the future. They take you on adventures, off to magical kingdoms, pull you from your own nightmares to escape, even just temporarily, and empower you to think for yourself.

I am humbled and honored to be a part of this magical journey, and I know one day, maybe in three years, maybe thirty, I will look back on these first few years of my craft and I will be glad that I went through each pain staking moment, to conquer my fears.

From a girl whose worst subject in school was English to a woman who now has a short story as a finalist for best story of 2012, I am telling you, follow your dreams because your pot of gold at the end of your rainbow is not out of your reach.


  1. So proud of you and ALL you've done. You have taken the road less traveled and MADE your own magic.