Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Happy Release Day - BLOOD YELLOW!!!

Happy Release Day! That’s right; it’s time for everyone to hit the bookstores and become best friends with the Algula race. For those who are new to the Algula world and the Blood Series let me give a quick rundown. Vampires from Lebanon, AKA the Algula, are chased out of their home land, Zahle, Lebanon, and forced to settle in The New World in 1777. Through the course of history, they end up taking residence in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The terrain in Colorado Springs is similar to that of Zahle; that’s why I picked it. Just a side note, everyone always asks ‘Why Colorado?’ so now you know. In book one, Blood Purple you will find Zayn, the king, and Nikole, the princess, battling their cousins, Derrik and Dominic. In Blood Yellow, you find Leigh, the eldest of the cousins, and her father Haydar, their uncle a prince, at the focal of the fighting.

What makes this series unique, aside from the series being about Middle Eastern vampires, is the paranormal aspect of this is a secondary issue to what is going on inside of this world. This is a story about a brother and sister, trying to find their way after their parents were murdered three hundred plus years ago. They have to pick up the pieces of their race and come together to save their people. The enemy is their own flesh and blood. Their uncle and cousins who feel slighted that their line has been given the responsibility of the throne.

You will find inside my writings that this series is a highly different take on this particularly common genre. The focus of so much of this world is on the relationships that people have among their own family. The strife that all the characters must work through while yes, exaggerated for drama, are ones that each of us can easily identify in ourselves. We can put ourselves in the place of all of them, even the bad guys. You will dive into what makes the bad guys bad. The heroes triumphs will be yours; their failures will be yours. You will be transformed into an Algula and will get to experience first-hand what it’s like to be descended from the Gods.

In celebration of my Sequel Blood Yellow finally making its way onto the shelves. I am hosting a giveaway. If you enter. you will have a chance to win a $10 Amazon gift card, an e-copy of Blood Purple, and winners choice between the following books/short stories: Cruentus: Rise to Power by L.S. Broomfield (Novella), Blood Myth by Stacy A. Moran (Novel), The Lotus by Stacy A. Moran and Delilah J. Mack (Two Short Stories), Sekhmet's Revenge By Ashley Nemer and Stacy A. Moran (Two Short Stories) or Temptation Tuesday by Niki Becker and Anabella Adrian (Three Short Stories). To enter simply click on the raffelcopter and perform each task it asks. Each one is worth a different value. Enter as many times as you like! On July 10th I will announce the winner.

Thank you for visiting and lets start the 4th of July right, celebrate freedom with a good book!
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    1. Thanks so much! I am so excited. I hope if you pick up the series you let me know what you think about it!!

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