Sunday, October 6, 2013

Looking for Readers to Join - Art of Safkhet Pride & Elite

 The Art of Safkhet is looking for readers to help! Here is what we need:

  1. Safkhet's Pride - Our Street Team ( Open to twenty (20) members )

    1. Here, readers will interact with the authors and have behind the scene chats to get the word out there about our book releases. We will have contests and special swag that is offered ONLY to our Street Team.
    2. Requirements: 
      1. At least once a month post about one of the books released from The Art of Safkhet.
      2. At least once a month share one status by an author.
      3. When a new release comes out, recommend it to at least five friends on Goodreads.
    3. What's in it for you:
      1. All new releases the month they come out will be sold at a discount price. E-books will be 50% off and print books will be 30% off.
      2. When SWAG arrives all members will get first grabs at the items
      3. Special contests for print books or Amazon/Barnes & Noble gift cards held just for members of the Street Team.
  2. Safkhet's Elite - Our Beta Readers ( Open to fifty (50) readers only )

    1. Here, readers will get advanced readers copy (in e-book format) 
      1. Readers will tell us which genre's they want to read and we will email them their ARC.
        1. Genres are:
          1. Paranormal
          2. Contemporary Romance
          3. Erotica
          4. Science Fiction
          5. Mystery
          6. Mythology
          7. Poetry
    2. Requirements:
      1. Upon receiving an advanced copy of our new release, you will need to post your honest review with in fifteen days of it's release and place a link to that review on the appropriate authors Facebook page.
      2. If you cannot read the ARC in a timely fashion please email Grace ( so she can make note. Missing more than two e-book distributions in a row without reason will have you removed from Safkhet's Elite.
      3. Your review must be honest. We are not looking for all 5-Star reviews but honest opinions and thoughts about our work.
      4. By joining this program you agree to not share, distribute or sell the Advanced Readers Copy of our work.
Some of you will want to be both, a Pride member and an Elite member. At this time we are asking that you pick one or the other. This may change in the future but for right now we ask that you just pick one. If you are interested in either of these please let us know.

You can join Safkhet's Pride by clicking the link HERE. This will take you to our Facebook group where we will post the different information.

You can apply for Safkhet's Elite by commenting on this post with your name, email address and genre's you want to read and stating which of Ashley, Stacy, Anabella, Niki or Nasira's books you liked most or by sending Grace an email at with all of the information.

Thank you for taking the time out to inquire about our new Readers Groups and we hope to see 70 new people in the near future!

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