Saturday, October 5, 2013

Six Sentence Sunday - Take #1

So I looked for a Sunday Meme that was already doing this because someone (I can't remember who) told me about this - so, I'm just going to do it myself. If anyone knows of who is hosting it - let me know. In the mean time - I'm just going to host my own little, Six Sentence Sunday until I find something else..

These Six Sentences are from my current Work in Progress -- It's unedited so be warned.

Special Assignment

by Niki Becker 

aka: Ashley Nemer

Her body dropped to the dock and with a kick it rolled into the lake, sinking into the depths of the water.
 Looking down at my hands her blood warm against my skin. 
I’ve only had to kill twice in my career before this. 
Each time was an election year. 
Nothing will keep me out of the governor’s mansion. 
California was too sweet of a job to let someone else take over

If you want to join in my Six Sentence Sunday feel free! Post about your current release, your work in progress or a book you're enjoying. I love meeting new people and would enjoying having you Six Sentencing with me!

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