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Fire and Ice Book Tour: A Jelaous God by Dee Wilbur 

A Jealous God by Dee Wilbur
Virtual Book Tour Dates: 11/1/13 to 11/29/13
Genres: Mystery, Cozy Mystery, Medical Mystery, Beach Read



Compellingly told from multiple points of view, A Jealous God follows Emma on her labyrinthine journey in search of the truth at all costs.  A brilliant attorney with unflappable focus, she becomes consumed with learning who is responsible for several similar birth defects originating in her hometown.  Her quest introduces her to a number of colorful characters.  One of these is Jon, the local attorney whose largest client—Hays Chemical—is the target of Emma’s investigation.  Jon embarks in pursuit of answers of his own, only to come to the realization that the suffering heaped upon these children dates back far further than he, Emma, or Hays Chemical could have ever imagined.  It was, in fact, foretold in the oldest book of all.

“A Jealous God … dishes up a fast-paced mix of mystery and intrigue.”
New York Times best selling author Ellen Tanner Marsh

“A thought provoking formula that will haunt your daydreams.”
Herman W. Brune, national award winning author



An Interview with Maureen

Dee Wilbur: Maureen, it’s nice to see you.  Thank you for stopping by.  Let’s help our audience get to know you a bit.  What is your official title in Jon Miller’s office?
Maureen: I prefer Majordomo, but Queen of the Office works just as well.
Dee Wilbur: How long have you worked for Jon?
Maureen: Since he first came to Richmond from Victoria, about eight years. I was legal secretary for Mr. Smithers. Jon purchased the practice and the office from him. I guess you could say that I’ve worked in Jon’s office longer than he has.  (Maureen smiled at her own wit.)
Dee Wilbur: Seriously, what are your duties?
Maureen: I am a legal secretary and office manager. I keep all our records, do the billing, keep the office calendar, accompany Mr. Miller to court, and make the coffee in the morning.
Dee Wilbur: What are your unofficial duties?
Maureen: I am the source of all information concerning “old Richmond.” Whenever Mr. Miller needs information about anything involving the history of Richmond or the old families that live here, I’m the one who supplies it. I’ve tried to educate him about Richmond and things that he ought to do that will help him fit in with the established Richmond families.
Dee Wilbur: Give me some examples of how you’ve helped him fit in.
Maureen: I’ve told him to join a church. One of the mainline churches, Episcopal, Catholic, Methodist, or Baptist, would be best, but join a church. I’ve often had him deliver documents to the courthouse so that he would know and be known by the office staff. I’ve suggested which animals he should buy at the county fair. Just the little things which will make him seem more like a member of the community.
Dee Wilbur: Do you enjoy your job?
Maureen: Yes, Jon is a great boss. He’s smart as a whip, probably the smartest lawyer I’ve ever seen. I think he’s starting to get serious about his girlfriend Sandy.  Getting married would really help he fit in event better.  I think he’s figuring out he’s getting too old to be running around in the Rent a Date role. 
Dee Wilbur: Sounds like an ideal situation. Are there any problems?
Maureen: Well, I don’t like to complain, but Jon’s dog Cato is very big, and I’m not comfortable with him.  Jon brings him into the office occasionally and . . . But I guess if that’s the closest thing I have to a problem, I’ve got it pretty good. 
Dee Wilbur: I understand that you’ve had some health problems. Would you like to tell us about them?
Maureen: Well, I’ve had cancer of the thyroid. I had surgery to remove the thyroid. That was followed by radiation using I131. My only problem now is when I have to go off my thyroid medication to get follow-up scans. Then the temperature wars begin. I want it warmer while everyone else wants it cold enough to hang meat in here. I’ve finally yielded and bought a very fashionable, heavy wool jacket.
Dee Wilbur: Do you have family?
Maureen: I’ve been married to my husband Gus for more years than I can count. He’s the love of my life. We’ve never been able to have children.
Dee Wilbur: How about the other people in the office, Mr. Villarreal?
Maureen: Diego Villarreal is a real love. He’s always getting into “deals” trying to make a fast buck, and he fancies himself a real ladies man. But underneath the fa├žade is a genuine, caring gentleman. Now his mother, that’s a different story. 
Dee Wilbur: If you could do one thing to improve your office situation, what would it be?
Maureen: I wish we could get a new refrigerator for the lunchroom, one that had an icemaker.
Dee Wilbur: Thank you for your time, Maureen. See you again soon.
Maureen (never one to not have the last word): Yes, I’ll see you at Miracle on Morton Street.  It’s on Saturday, December 7th.  I’ll be to visit with you at the Italian Maid right when it starts at 10 AM.  And, I think that Gus and I will come by for dinner that night right at 7 and see how your day went. 


After a few minutes, Emma re-entered the room. She was wearing a blue negligee of the thinnest silk Jon had ever seen. Jon looked at her perfectly formed breasts through the silk. All Jon could think was Ol’ Doc Coleman certainly got his money’s worth.  The negligee stopped short, leaving her long graceful legs uncovered.  It was all that Jon could manage to set his beer down without dropping the bottle. He hoped that he wasn’t actually drooling.  He stared and tried to remember that she was a woman with a mission, not a table dancer. 

       Emma whispered softly as she sat next to him on the couch, “I’ll do anything to get that information, anything!  You don’t have to show me the files, just tell me.  Talk to me, Jon.”  She ran a beautifully manicured finger up and down his thigh.  Jon’s pulse doubled, then kicked up again.  He closed his eyes briefly and then turned to face her, putting his hand over hers to still it. 

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