Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving - 2013

Happy Turkey Day!

What are you and yours doing on this traditional American holiday? My hubby and I are off to his parents house for a 'traditional' feast. We will bring our dogs and his cousin and aunt/uncle will be in town. It's going to be quite a blast, or at least, that's what's planned. But you know what they say about best laid plans....

So, I thought today instead of talking about what I am thankful for, (because this is something I think should be a random day post not a Thanksgiving Day 'cause I'm thankful every day for something) I would give you a tiny bit of history to go along with your turkey and stuffing.

Here we go ... Thanksgiving Fun Fact you might not know.

Inside the city of El Paso, Texas there is a place that 'claims' to have hosted the very first Thanksgiving in 'American' history. This claim takes place in 1598 on the 30th of April. There is a giant statue in the El Paso airport celebrating this event. The immigrants were stuck in Mexico and unable to cross the river. The local priest and native Indians found them and assisted them in crossing the river. The 'Thanksgiving' feast was the immigrants celebration of them surviving the river and entering our country.

As if this claim wasn't enough to throw all of New England into an uproar claiming they had the first Thanksgiving there are still other claims that a date that preceded this one (inside Texas) had the first Thanksgiving. Apparently the Library of Congress has a 'Thanksgiving Timeline' that shows the actual Plymouth celebration was number five, not number one that so many have come to learn inside school. To be exactly Texas (1541), Florida (1546), Maine (1607) and Virginia (1610) all have claims to a Thanksgiving that took place before Plymouth (1621).

There we have it - a little bit of Thanksgiving history for you on this chilly day in Texas. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this. I was shocked to find out all of this information. And there was a lot, far more than I had time to write about inside of a blog post.

But this just goes to prove my Momma was always right - Question Everything!

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