Saturday, December 28, 2013

Best of 2013 - Year in Review

It's Ashley's BEST OF 2013 post.

It's going to contain a little bit of everything and keep in mind this means that I experienced this in 2013 not that it originated in 2013 necessarily-- So hang tight and here ... we ... go!

--GAMEBOARD OF THE GODS - I was so hesitant to read this book. I had read all the bad reviews and my opinion had been swayed that I woudln't like it. But then, a freind convinced me, and I picked it up. Thank God I did! Richelle Mead did such a fantastic job! The PNR fans who can't switch to Sci-Fi were just too hard on her. I am awaiting the next book in the Game of X series and hope she doesn't take too long getting it out to us!

--THE CULLING - This book was just drop dead freaking AMAZING! I loved it couldn't put it down and I am ANXIOUSLY awaiting the sequel. I loved interviewing the author and seriously cannot wait for the next one!!

--MALICIOUS - This book I devoured in one day. It comes in a close third. The story was so captivating that I just had to read it while I was at work even. It became addicting!

--FORGED - This was my first ARC I have read for another author who isn't a friend of mine already and it was such an enjoying read. Love this series in general but there was just something special about reading it in ARC form.

-- STYXX - I am debating in my own head about this -- While I only gave it a 4-star I really loved that it drew so much emotion out of me. It made me angry mad and furious at SK and the characters. Which to me, is just as important as the star rating. SK's writing is great, the style, the art form, and this book is worthy of all the hype it received.

--LES MISERABLES - WOW That's all I can say to this movie. It was just drop dead amazing. this sound track has gotten me through many nights where I just needed inspiration and there it was, helping me along. The cast's voice melts me each and every time I listen to any of their songs.

--THOR - Holy Freaking Hotness Batman! Yeah, Thor - he just makes you purr. There was SO MUCH about this movie that I loved. The only thing I didn't like was that it ended! Loki was my favorite I think - I am always attracted to evil. Deff go watch it!

-- ANCHORMAN 2 - Now this one I was extremley hesitant of putting on this list. My husband pointed out to me that I hadn't laughed this hard in a movie as I did in this one and sadly he was right. I just wish the ending wasn't so over the top. But I did enjoy it and the movie did make me laugh.

--PITCH PERFECT - One of my friends had been telling me what a great movie this was and then one day I caved. Yup it was a kick ass kinda flick


This moment was quite hard to say it was a let down as it propelled my blog into a whole new element but the movie itself was a blah. MAN OF STEEL, what a dull let down. My blog post about it however went viral and that was huge! Who knew that some random opinion of a Houston Blogger would cause the Super Hero forums to explode! I got a great laugh for about two weeks and I thank all my fellow geeks for putting my blog into the top Google Blogs of the summer! haha!!


The day I walked into my new job at my old place of employment on August 1st. I was so freakin glad to be back there!

So this was my wrap up of 2013. Next year I hope to have a lot more categories.
See ya'll tomorrow as I continue my end of the year blog count downs each day!

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