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Sunday Review: The Fury by Johanna Rae

Title:  The Fury, Book Two   (Therian Secrets)
Author: Johanna Rae

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Paranormal Romance

Published: November 21, 2013

Source: I purchased a copy from Amazon

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Luke Fletcher had finally moved past his alcoholism and marriage breakup when the past caught up with him. Abducted by a clan of Lycans, he woke chained to a cell wall. How long will it take before someone finds him? Will he survive the ordeal and more importantly, retain his sanity?

Jodie Fletcher is under house arrest and not even in her own home. Her boyfriend Danny Archer has become more than protective since Luke disappeared. Working for International Shifter Information and Control, or ISIC, Archer is head of the Urewera Unit in Redcliffe.

Trained and employed to maintain the shifter justice system in a world where humans are oblivious, is no easy task. Now his connection with the local shifters has crossed paths with Luke’s past, Archer is caught between keeping Jodie safe and finding her brother.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. There is conflict within the Unit. A group of men closer than family are suddenly at odds, distanced from their duty as ISIC agents. Rufus discovers he may have missed the chance to be with the woman he loves. Eddie reveals his animal side to girlfriend Ainsley for the first time; can she accept his second form?

The turmoil surrounding Jodie leaves her nowhere to hide. The clan of were-boars who took Luke, grow bolder by the day. This escalation of tension has to end, but who will emerge victorious?


When we ended THE MERCENARY there were a lot of questions I still had in this wild world Ms. Rae had created. I wanted to know more about Jody and her Brother Luke, about Danny and about Eddie and Ainsley.

Since book one, I was drawn to Eddie and Ainsley's story. I had desperately wanted to know more about them and to see what their relationship was going to develop into. I also wanted to know what was going to happen to Luke. When I first met Luke I scrunched up my nose at him, a boar, what could be sexy about a boar? Since then I've gotten to know him ....

My only issue with The Fury is that it felt like a continuation of Jody and Danny's story. I felt like 'their' story had been told in THE MERCENARY and now it was time for another couple to take center stage. Maybe I just wanted more Eddie and Ainsley page time.

I look forward to reading more of this wonderful shifter world of New Zealand when THE BUTCHER comes out, soon I hope. Ms. Rae provides an enjoyable read at a consistent pace. Her books are long but you don't realize you're reading a 150,000+ word book once you dive into the world. 

Just like with THE MERCENARY she was able to keep me captivated throughout the whole book.

I give this a 4.5 star rating.

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