Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 Goals - Starting the Year Off Right!

It is finally here! 2014 has graced us with its arrival and now it's time to line up what needs to happen this year.

I have decided to publish my goals publicly this year - this is to ensure that I stay on point and not veer off into random directions.

There are quite some ambitions things on this list and others that are simply there just to help make me a more rounded person.

I'm breaking them into 'personal' goals and 'author' goals.

Ashley's Personal Goals -- Yeah baby Yeah!
  • Lose seventy pounds by august. August 12, 2013 I gave up wheat and flour, since, I have lost thirty pounds. My goal back then was to lose one hundred in a year so I have seventy left to go.
  • Don't cheat on my diet more than once a month. I am giving myself the once a month because I know that I will succumb to temptation at work and I don't want the guilt to become too much for me. Yes I am a softy.
  • Reach out to one person from my past each month in an attempt to rekindle friendships. I miss my friends, I spend so much time on Facebook it's a shame that I don't do more to stay in touch.
  • Spend more time with my parents and siblings. I would like to see either my mom, dad or one of my brothers at least once a month. Family is the most important thing in the world to me and I want to make sure they know how much they mean to me.
  • For Lent this year, along with my usual giving up Dr. Pepper, I am going to add that I read a new book from the bible. One that I haven't read in the past. (I usually stick to Wisdom, Revolution, Acts or Psalms)  I want to work on my spiritual relationship a well as my personal ones this year.
  • I miss reading - it used to be my favorite activity and I want to get back to it. That's why I am challenging myself to read 60 books this year.
  • Last but not least - I want to be a better wife, as in, house keeper. While our house isn't a mess, it's cluttered. I want to work on each weekend tackling different parts of the house to ensure that our home is loving and warm.
Ashley's Author Goals -- Damn I must be nuts!
  • Edit Maverick Touch: The Highway (Release in March)
  • Edit Blood Green (Release in April)
  • Write Blood Gold, book four of the Blood Series
  • Write three Temptation Tuesday's by April
  • Write two Sekhmet's Revenge, well more like one and a half as I'm almost done with one.
  • Edit Blood Gold (Release in August)
  • Write Blood Black, book five of the Blood Series
  • Write Special Delivery
  • Edit Special Delivery (Release in Oct)
  • Edit Blood Black (Release in November)
  • Write Maverick Touch #3 Title Unknown at the moment
  • Write holiday short story with Stacy mixing Blood Series and Myth Series
  • Edit Holiday Short (Release in Dec)
I know this all sounds crazy and way too much but this is what I am setting out for myself ... I hope that I make it! Wish me luck!!!


  1. You have some amazing goals, Ashley, and I wish you the very best in achieving them. Your Sekhmet books sound wonderful. Do they feature the goddess?

    1. We do feature the Goddess. Email me at and I'll send you volume 1and you can see what you think. We have 4 volumes so far and we hope to have 8 when its all said and done.

  2. Good luck; you have set some tremendous goals. I think you can do it.