Friday, March 14, 2014

Why I love Celeb Stalking - Veronica Mars Movie

Today is March 14th, 2014, the day all 'Marshmellows' have been waiting for since the end of our beloved Veronica Mars. The day that our television loves come back, and this time to the big screen. We are gifted with the amazing acting by  Kristen Bell, Jason Dohring, Francis Capra and many more. Rob Thomas's writing and directing, as always, was phenomenal and now all that is left is the book coming out on the 24th that will top everything off.

Yes, 'Pi Day' as my hubby called it, is upon us and today we are blessed. Blessed to the reunion of Logan and Veronica.

Now I know that it is extremely hard for me to be partial. After all, Jen and I (my comiccon partner in crime, celeb stalker partner) met Jason and Francis back at ComicPalooza 2010 a few years back.

The whole time I was watching that movie I kept thinking, "OH MY GOD I'VE HUGGED THEM!!!" And let us not forget that Jason Dohring gave ME, yes ME, Ashley Nemer a present! I still have the wonderful sign of his appreciation of his fans sitting on my desk, nicely hidden from potential thieves, my glowstick. (I would show you a picture but then my husband would know what it looks like and he might take it and play tricks on me! Best to leave some things to Mystery!)

Oh!! And lets not forget the fact he took pictures, YES of Jen and I standing in line on his cell phone.

Ahh but lets talk about aboue Weevil. AKA, Francis Capra, the best smelling man at ComicPalooza. He had to be the absolute nicest man in the world. He let me take a bagillion (ok it was more like 40) photos with him. And God ...... he smelled heavenly. And the tats, just makes a girl purr, ya know?

The poor man probably thought Jen and I were psychos and lets face it, we kinda were, haha.

Then of course the arrival of Jason ~sighs~ he was so dreamy. He asked us what a good steak house was in Houston and my dumb ass only came up with Texas Roadhouse, LAME ASHLEY! Sheesh. But to be fair I was very shell shocked! Jason gave great hugs. And God that smile!

~double dreamy sigh at those two men!~

I digress, let us focus back to the movie at hand. It is hard to remember I'm trying to write a review when I keep flashing back to the most amazing Comic experience of my life!

All of these amazing moments deff enhanced this movie for me because the simple fact is these actors are just the best. So kind, considerate and friendly. More people should be like them.

Onto the review ....

This was a 5 star hit, deff! The acting was better than I remembered. The writing was top knotch and the shocks and awes were great. I just have jumped from surprise four times in my seat, gasped for a breath six times and verbally awed a dozen.

Rob Thomas did such an amazing job, and hopefully this kickstarter will empower the Hollywood Actors to embrace their fans and give them more of what they want.

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