Thursday, May 29, 2014

Fandom! ComicPalooza - Spike, Harry Potter, And So Much More....

It is that time of year again ... and some of you might be thinking, 'Yes Ashley! It's your birthday!' And while you might be right ... you are wrong. It is ComicPalooza time! So this year, like last year, I wasn't just a spectator I was a participant. It was quite an experience. And let me stress this, SO MUCH FUN!!!

Let us start off with Friday - Stacy and I arrive bright and early to find our table. We set everything up night and pretty, each day working on our display to make sure it looked the best. Stacy and Callie had designed posters for us this year. You know, to help people catch their eye and suck them into the Art of Safkhet book world. And yes, it did work!

So now we are onto the 'fan girl' moments. Every vampire lover knows and adores SPIKE, I mean, who wouldn't? He smelled DELISH! He was a total gem to be around. He said the writers were the most important part of the shows, that actors were nothing without a good writer.

And if his awesomeness wasn't enough he made a video for my friend in the UK that, for obvious reasons, couldn't make it to the event. Wasn't that just the sweetest?

Now moving onto Jason Mewes, AKA Jay from movies such as, Dogma, Clerks, Clerks 2, Mall Rats. I have to say this was probably my best experience with a celeb to date. He was engaging, sincere and an all around wonderful guy. I was acting a fool, I was giggling and smiling. I told him I had a blog and I wanted to interview him cause I was a huge fan. Do you know what he said? YES! He gave me a time and place to meet him ... My life was so complete. And then it hit me, I had an author's panel to attend to and couldn't meet him. Luckily the hubby filled in for me. Cause he is amazing like that. Here is the 6 minute interview.

My last 'Celeb' experience wasn't so hot ... Cary Elwes was a major disappointment. All he wanted to do the entire time was talk about his new book coming out. It didn't matter what question I asked it all came back to that. But he did smell good and I did get a picture with a Hollywood Icon so I guess there are worse things my money has been spent on.

Overall it was a great time, everyone was nice and I will be back next year. I just hope next year my internet on my phone is working and I can post more live action photos.

And last but not least the best part of the weekend. When a fan of mine turns into me becoming a fan of the fan! I met this couple, they were great guys! Loved them to bits. And Alex and I got to chatting. Turns out he was the man who ran the RIGHT HAND of DOBBIE on Harry Potter!!! Yes he was The Puppeteer!!! HOW amazing is that!!! He asked me for a photo of he and I together and I said yes but then I snapped a selfie of he and I because come on, HE was on Harry Potter!!!

Here are a few pic's I took just for fun of random people.

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