Friday, August 22, 2014

Gluten Free Friday Homemade Recipe #7 - Meatloaf

I love beef, what true blue American doesn't? Sometimes it takes a minute to figure out what kind of dishes to serve with ground beef. Well here is my own little concoction of what goes into the perfect meat loaf!

As always, all ingredients are Gluten Free and/or Organic.

    1 pound · Ground Beef
    1 clove · Chopped garlic
    2 oz · Chopped celery
    2 oz · Chopped green onions
    2 oz · Chopped tomato
    ¼ cup · Shredded Cheese
    1 large · Egg
    ¼ cup · Flour
    ¼ cup · Baking seasoning


    1 Mix all the ingredients into one large bowl, except the cheese
    2 Put into a loaf pan and make sure it is distributed evenly
    3 Sprinkle the amount of cheese you want on top of the meat once you place it in the loaf pan
    4 Bake for 45 minutes at 350°F

This was a bit time consuming chopping everything up but the end result was worth all of the time put into this dish. An easy 5 star addition to anyone's meals!

Enjoy and Happy Eating!


  1. Um I'm not sure who posted this, but they obviously don't know what "gluten free" means when flour is an ingredient.

    1. As I state all my products are gluten free. I.e. Gluten free flour....