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Sunday Review: Murder in Paradise & Greed in Paradise by Deborah Brown

Title Murder in Paradise
Author: Deborah Brown
Source: Given from the author in exchange for an honest review
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Overlooking the waters of Biscayne Bay lies a mansion where all hell has broken loose:

...A shadow passed by the driver's side window, then the sound of breaking glass, small pieces hitting my back and arm. I jerked around, at the same time reaching for the Glock attached to my thigh. The last things I saw were the bursts of electricity flashing before my eyes...

In Deborah Brown's newest novel, Madison Westin must piece together the clues to solve a murder and save her best friend, Fabiana from a lifetime behind bars. Smart, sexy, and thrilling, Murder in Paradise will leave you begging for more.

Oh how Ms Westin loves trouble! So I have seemed to skip a few books in this series. I read the first book back in October. That made me nervous that A-a lot had happened I missed and B-I may not remember a lot of the story.

Well good news, that was not the case at all!

I easily fell back into this story. It was like months hadn't passed since I picked up the first book. I started this book Monday on my way to work listening to it. And as the week went on, listening to it in the car no longer enough for me. So Friday at 10pm, I had 30% left in the book I sat down and finished it in an hour. I flew through these pages.

The 'mystery'  element has gotten better. I remember the first book didn't contain a lot of mystery. This one had me guessing a little bit and I enjoyed that.

Ms. Brown is slowly becoming a favorite author of mine. Thanks for the chance to read your novels!

Title Murder in Paradise
Author: Deborah Brown
Source: Purchase form Amazon
Purchase Link: Amazon


Tears will fall, hearts will pound, and bullets will fly in Greed in Paradise...

Just when Madison and Fab think it's safe to dip their sexy bodies into the cool tropical waters of paradise, they get the shock of their lives when a friend and business partner turns up dead and they discover they've been written into his will. But nothing is what it seems, as the women find out. There are deadly secrets brewing beneath the surface of Tarpon Cove. Come along on a steamy, thrilling adventure as the two try to find out why their friend suddenly died--seemingly, without cause.

The fifth book in the series finds our sleuths waist deep in sexual tension, flinging barbs, and dodging bullets.


Okay I know this is going to seem crazy but the moment I put down Murder in Paradise I instantly went out and bought Greed in Paradise and began reading it at 11pm. By 2am I had finished it and was cussing  Ms. Brown for only giving me ONE chapter of the next book. I NEED MORE!!!

 This series is playful, exciting and just plain fun. I love the Westin's. And I don't just mean the Mother Daughter and Son. I mean the whole extended family. This is a group of people who love each other unconditionally and it is really great to read that.

I love the first person point of view and the style of writing Deborah has taken with this series.

I really recommend this book to anyone who just simply likes to smile while reading. I wish there was a bit more depth to the mystery elements and a bit more of the sexual tension with Creole and Madison.

Other than that, it's perfect!



First and foremost ... How did you come up with Madison's character and is she based off anyone you know?
I met Madison when I first moved to Florida. She ran a small beach motel and used it to rent to every unscrupulous person that walked through the door, this was back before anyone could run a criminal background check. Madison was too nice for her own good and the locals used it against her, but what I really loved about her was that she learned from her mistakes.
How did you decide on the story lines for this series? They aren't totally believable that events like this can happen to real life people, yet you play them out in a way that is totally believable to readers.
Every one of my story lines begins with a kernel of truth, then I allow the writing to take me where it will. This way I’m along for the ride and I’m discovering, just as my audience will be as they read or watch something I’ve written. There is something exciting about not knowing where the characters are going or what they’re going to say.

How many books do you see for this series?
When I wrote the first book, Crazy in Paradise, I had no expectation that there would be a follow-up. Now here I am starting Book 7. I think it would be good to end in an even number.
What's up with Creole? Who inspired him and how did you come up with all his wonderful personality traits.
Creole started out as this hot-looking nefarious character that rented one of The Cottages and would walk through a scene from time to time and wink at Madison. What better way to give him more of a story line than to make him a cousin. He hates it when Madison forgets to inform people, “but not by blood.” He’s my fantasy man, alpha, smart, funny and easy going.

Zach – what is his deal? He sure felt like he took a sudden 180 turn. Will we be seeing more of him in the rest of the series?
Sssh––don’t tell anyone, but I got bored writing his character. He was too straight-laced for Madison. The deal breaker: he didn’t like Fab.
Zach’s gone––but I am contemplating a spin-off with Slice and the District Attorney with the fabulous shoes.  The beautiful, Italian, model ex-wife? Well, that’s the last you see of her. LOL

Will Fab and Madison be getting into any more near death experiences or will we see a new story line come out? Even though the near death experiences seem to work for this series!
Those two have more lives than a cat! I can’t imagine a book where they’re not in some kind of trouble. It wouldn’t be fun if their plans didn’t go awry.
What made you start writing and how many books do you have total?
I’ve always written, but never thought seriously about being an author. After sappy, melodramatic poems to a high school boyfriend (which my best friend thankfully never let me send) and a full-length romance novel that was rejected so many times I retired it under my bed, I spent a summer voraciously reading and decided I wanted to try again. This was five years ago, and still it took me two years to write the first book.
What is on the horizon? And what is the next Paradise book?
I’m working on Revenge in Paradise, which is scheduled to be released in the Fall. I’m also scribbling a sexy, romance/mystery novel in my spare time.
Who are your favorite authors and books?
I like Janet Evanovich, Stephanie Bond, James Patterson and Carl Hiaasen. I support Indie authors, primarily in the romance genre. I love historical; there’s nothing like a bodice-ripping, arrogant pirate.
Do you have any rituals that you do specifically for writing?
If I’m writing, you’ll always find me either on the deck or the couch looking out the sliding doors. I start with a chapter outline of one sentence. I usually run out of ideas about half way through and then start writing the book and see where that takes me.

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