Monday, September 1, 2014

Beat The Heat Blog Hop - Giveaway!

One of the all time best things about the fall to me is the leaves changing color. Sadly in Texas I don't get to see that too much. So I have to leave it to my imagination to picture that wonderful season change.

In Houston this year it was a hell of a hot summer. My enjoyment outside was very limited to early mornings because the sun was a scorcher. So what did I do to pass the time with out frying my pretty white skin to death?

I read of course! But what did I read? I have three amazing books I wanted to share with you, kinda like the 'best of the summer' selection.

First my all time fav would be Ms. Tami Hoag's The 9th Girl that came out earlier this year. It was fabulous! Loved love loved it!!! (Check out my review, HERE)

Then there was Ms. Deborah Brown. She actually had two summer hits that I read, part of her Paradise series. God they were such an easy breazy type read. Made me actually feel cool and relaxed as I laid in bed reading and feeling muggy from the Houston heat. (Check out my review, HERE)

And last (but not least!) Torn Wings by A.L. Kessler. Now I know I am bias since she is my friend but oh-my-god how much I loved this book isn't even capable to put into words! (Check out my review, HERE)

So along with these wonderful books I also occupied myself with some hand crafting. I made a baby
blanket for my future nephew. He's due on October 31st and I couldn't resist getting him something from his future Favorite Aunt. Isn't it adorable! It turned out much longer than I planned but that's okay! It is super soft and will help keep him warm.

Then probably what I spent the most time working on is learning how to cook foods from scratch, gluten free and organic. It has become quite a hobby of mine. I'm coming up with new things each week. I've gotten enough material with it that I even started my own Friday segment here on my blog posting one new recipe each week. While that has been A LOT of fun for me it has also been a great stress reliever. I have found that cooking for my husband gives me a lot of pleasure and I think just the calmness of it helps me decompress from the insane days at work. I think my best dish was the roast I made one Sunday for my dad and Step-Mom when they came over. It was super good! Only took five and a half hours to make!

All in all I kept busy this summer but in a good way. It kept me out of trouble from eating bad foods, kept me entertained by reading new books, and it kept me feeling useful by making something for our soon newest family member.

I think this fall is probably starting out better than any of the last ten or hey, that's a plus!

Now for the giveaway portion of the Blog Hop Post! Remember to enter in the Rafflecopter for a chance at the grand prize. And for stopping here today you have a chance to win the complete Ebook series of The Blood Series, this is to celebrate the release of my Box Set.

Make sure you join my blog as a new (or old) follower. Leave a comment saying what your favorite part of summer was and what way you are following. Please include your email address written out ( ex. name at gmail dot com ) I will randomly select two winners at the end of the blog hop.

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