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Fire & Ice Book Tours Presents: Giveaway: Jigsaw World by JD Lovil

Virtual Book Tour Dates: 9/15/14 – 9/22/14
Genres: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Metaphysical
Tour Promotion: This book will be FREE 9/17 to 9/21 and $.99 after this


In some worlds, there are monsters behind every catastrophe.

Tom lives in one of those worlds, and he is blessed, or cursed, to be able to see the monsters. He learns that the world is not supposed to be that way, and it is a symptom of the breakdown of Reality.

Sometimes, the world drafts you to save it.

Tom realizes that he and the people he gathers in his travels are supposed to fix the world. He doesn’t know how, and he doesn’t know why, but the fates are conspiring to make him a reluctant hero. Anyone that knew Tom would know that was not flattering, just inconvenient and idiotic. Tom suspected that he should be siding with the monsters.

What do you do when the Monster is in the mirror? 

People around Tom have a habit of turning up dead. Some of the deaths he knows he had a hand in, and most of those deserved death, at least in some psychedelic lights. Others turn up dead, and Tom has no memory of it, but he does have a suspect; Himself.

If he repairs the world, will there still be a place in it for a monster like him?
Something soft and pliable surrounded his face, and his hands were clutching the same sort of thing. Tom still smelled the aroma of Lavender. He opened his eyes, and looking up slightly, he saw the well proportioned navel in the black landscape that was Veritasia. His hands gripped her beautiful ass, and her legs were wrapped comfortably around him. Being properly positioned, he went in for a quick kiss on the lips that never speak.
This must have served for waking her up. The next few moments were taken up by the need to renew and reinforce some late night memories that they had created last night. Tom had always considered Halle Berry to be an ideal womanly body of sorts, but he would not have traded the acrobatics that he and Veritasia engaged in last night, even for Halle. If there was anything wrong with Halle’s body, it would be that her boobs were just slightly too big. Veritasia’s was perfect.
They had pulled into this rest stop for the night, and everyone had taken advantage of the opportunity to sleep. Tom had also taken advantage of the opportunity of trying for touching that irresistibly gleaming dark skin that was consuming his attention.
To his surprise, she had responded very positively to his advances. This came as a relief to Tom, as he had determined to have her, and he really didn’t want to have to clean up any loose ends afterwards. He also wasn’t sure how many others of the group would have become loose ends if they saw him dispose of her. All water under the bridge now. He could have his fun, and everybody got to live.
He went out to find whatever passed for a tourism building in this rest stop. He finally found it on the last path that he looked for it, and found that it had a map showing that the border of Arkansas was ten miles ahead, and at the border they would be treated to the great Metropolis of Paw Paw, Arkansas, population 812.
He returned to the RV, where he found that the womenfolk had banded together to brew a pot of coffee, cook an egg, bacon and toast breakfast, and gossip. He got a cup of the coffee and a plate of the breakfast. He also got a lingering kiss from Veritasia, fetching immediate glares from Sally and Charla. Tom wasn’t sure why Charla would be upset, but he decided to file it away for a rainy day.
Tom had a vague sense that a long time ago, this sort of situation would have been much more traumatic to him then than it was now. He had no memory of this, for the period was probably back more than the twenty year limit on his memories. Somewhere along the way, he had got the hang of being unconcerned by other people’s reactions to him or about him. You get more girls, you get less pain, and it makes disposing of loose ends a much simpler matter.
“Our next stop will be the wonderful Arkansas town of Paw Paw, which is one of the thousands of towns that has apparently popped up out of thin air.” Tom said to the group. “It seems to have replaced the city of Texarkana.”

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About the Author:
JD Lovil is the writer of a series of cross genre science fiction novels dealing with the existence of a multitude of parallel earths as required by the Many Worlds interpretation of Quantum Theory. He enjoys writing books which are essentially ‘stand alone’ books, but with similar rules and circumstances, and with some cross-over of characters. 
Originally from Arkansas, JD Lovil now lives in Phoenix, Arizona. Visit his website at

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Giveaway 9/15/14 – 9/22/14:
Two Prize Packages!
Package Number One: Win a $25 Amazon gift card and an ebook copy of the ‘Worlds of Man’ anthology of the first three novels .
Package Number Two: Win ebook copies of ‘Worldship Praxis’, ‘Shadow of Worlds’, and ‘Vanguard of Man’.
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