Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Spotlight: Verge by Moxie Sterra


After a desperate and seemingly endless year without receiving any pleasure, her Master is allowing her some at last. But when she displeases him, he gives her an entirely unexpected punishment that shows her to be careful what you wish for.


Moxie Sterra uses her vintage typewriters to produce poems, short stories, and novels from deep in the heart of Seattle. She is inspired by dreams, darkness, and coffee. You can keep up with her latest literary endeavors at Facebook.

EXCERPT  (Beware of erotic language)

    He suddenly stood and approached her. Her heart was beating fast. Was something actually going to happen, at long last?
    He grabbed hold of her shoulders, gripping them tightly, and pulled her up roughly to standing. Heart beating faster, faster, faster. Him being forceful with her combined with the idea that maybe he was finally going to use her somehow were enough to make her pussy throb madly.
    He pushed her against the wall. She could feel the hardness of his cock pressed against her and whimpered. God, if he didn't do something to her now she didn't know how she would even survive it. In this whole year she had never stopped aching for him for even a moment and he was making it so much worse now.
    "I'm sure you're absolutely desperate for my cock right now, aren't you, my little slut?"
    It always seemed so strange to her that he asked her question like that when he knew the answer damn well. But she supposed he just liked hearing how much she needed him, hearing her admit what a slut she was for him. It must make it so very clear to him how completely she was his.
    "Of course sir. You know I've been desperate for your cock all this time, and you're making me even more desperate with what you're doing right now."
    "Well, maybe, maybe, maybe your Master will be kind enough to let you have it, if you do a good enough job begging him," he said. He was rubbing up against her now, still holding her firmly against the wall.
    God, the feeling of his cock rubbing against her that way. She wasn't sure how he could even expect her to form thoughts coherent enough to answer him, but she wanted him in her so badly that she did her best anyway.
    "Oh god sir, please please please let me have your cock in my pussy.  I've been needing it so bad and it's been so long. You know what a dirty slut I am for you and you know how I want to be full of your cock all the time and it's been so long and I've just been losing my mind the whole time. And of course what would really be best about it would be knowing that I'd be giving you pleasure—I know that that's the really important thing. Please please please sir."
    "I wasn't so sure about it until you said that last bit. I must admit, you manage to be a very good slave for me sometimes. You are absolutely right—my pleasure is all that matters. Any pleasure you ever receive is completely incidental."

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