Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sunday Review: Intertwined By Emily R. Zajac

Title: Intertwined
Author: Emily R. Zajac
Source: Given from the author in exchange for an honest review
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Fear. Lies. Love. Murder. I live in a life of fear. I wanted to survive him. The fights. The abuse. The loss. I was lost in a hole of depression. My only hope was Travis Black. Travis is…. Strong. Determined. Loving. Attractive. He should make me feel better….that was until I met Chase Braden. Chase is…. Broken. Cut off. Bad. I began wanting him….I began knowing him…. I wanted to survive this hell…..I wanted revenge…..I wanted love… I guess I was selfish….just like my father taught me to be…. I am Karma Hall…and this is my story.


So I am very confused about how I feel about this book. First, I typically do not read young adult/new adult novels because it is hard for me to identify with the characters. In this case, the identification was relatively easy. I enjoy first person books the most and I liked the rotating story line and point of view a lot. It kept me focused on what was going to happen next with each characters.

The writing was decent. The style easy to follow and there wasn't a whole lot of trouble keeping the pace for a decently quick read.

My issue with the book came down to this ... the whole ARC of the plot.

I like Chase - I really do. But I do not buy he and Karma's attraction/insta love story line. I mean ... she really was throwing that L word around a lot and I did not get any 'lovey dovey' vibes straight off the bat from the interactions they had. I did get their chemistry and that he was new and mysterious and dangerous but I did not get the love.

Not to mention he is 23 and she is 16 ..... I'm putting that part aside since Chase didn't deflower her or anything....

Now Travis and Karma I liked up to a point. Travis was a bit controlling for my personal taste in men but i do think he acted like a typical 18 year old boy. I think Travis and Karma worked ... I understood their love. It made sense to me.

Then the ending ... it was like, serious, what the fuck just happened? And it ends.

Now I know the author probably set it up like that so people would rush out to read book two. I get it, hell I do that in my own books. But the ending didn't make total sense. It was like a wham bamm thank you ma'am kind of ending and I just, yeah. Can't wrap my head around that part.

Overall though, since it was an YA / NA type book and it did keep me entertained and wanting to find out what happen I can over look these issues. I think this is a solid 3.5 read and I do hope I read book two to find out what happens int he Chase Travis Karma love triangle.

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