Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sunday Review: Best Friends Fantasy Lovers by Dicey Grenor

Source: Author gave this to me in exchange for an honest review
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Friendship has never been so tempting...

Tommy and Capri have different backgrounds, goals, and motivations.

He's an Irish guitarist in a new band with dreams of being a rock star, and not one serious bone in his body outside of playing music.

She's an American valedictorian, who takes her responsibilities seriously, and dreams of being at the top of her profession.

Despite Tommy and Capri’s initial attraction to each other, both know a relationship is doomed from the start. In lieu of romance, they become best friends who share everything, including their ambition to succeed, their desire to make each other laugh, even their hidden secrets and darkest fantasies. When they begin to act out their fantasies with each other, non-platonic feelings start to creep in, and they must decide whether their friendship can survive what neither of them wants—being in love.


This was the first novel of Dicey's that I have read and I found her writing style fun and light. It made me want to read more from her.

Best Friends Fantasy Lovers was an interesting story. It goes from Capri and Tommy first meeting each other during Capri's freshman year of college. Then jumps to four years later and then five years after that.

What I liked about the story is with the traveling through time it allowed the story to move fairly swiftly. There wasn't any of that lagging you sometimes find with stories that travel through long periods of the main characters lives. I liked that Dicey kept it quick.

The plot was nice. I felt it was somewhat believable, assuming Tommy could be a superstar rock star.

Overall I would give this novel a 4 star review. It kept me captivated. I enjoyed the characters. And I liked the solid plot.

It should be said that while this story starts out sex free it doesn't end that way. Ms. Grenor asks that this story be read for 'adult only' ages.

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