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The Writers Coffee Shop Presents Immortal at the Edge of the World by Gene Doucette

Immortal at the Edge of the World
Book 3 of the Immortal Series
by Gene Doucette
Release Date: October 2 , 2014
Genre: FICTION/Fantasy/General & Fantasy/Contemporary
ISBN e-book:   978-1-61213-276-1
Available from: Amazon, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, and TWCS PH

Immortal-Edge-of-World-3D-Bookstack“What I was currently doing with my time and money . . . didn’t really deserve anyone else’s attention. If I was feeling romantic about it, I’d call it a quest, but all I was really doing was trying to answer a question I’d been ignoring for a thousand years.” In his very long life, Adam had encountered only one person who seemed to share his longevity: the mysterious red-haired woman. She appeared throughout history, usually from a distance, nearly always vanishing before he could speak to her. In his last encounter, she actually did vanish—into thin air, right in front of him. The question was how did she do it? To answer, Adam will have to complete a quest he gave up on a thousand years earlier, for an object that may no longer exist. If he can find it, he might be able to do what the red-haired woman did, and if he can do that, maybe he can find her again and ask her who she is . . . and why she seems to hate him. “You are being watched. Move your loved ones to safety . . . trust nobody.” But Adam isn’t the only one who wants the red-haired woman. There are other forces at work, and after a warning from one of the few men he trusts, Adam realizes how much danger everyone is in. To save his friends and finish his quest he may be forced to bankrupt himself, call in every favor he can, and ultimately trade the one thing he’d never been able to give up before: his life. From the author of Immortal and Hellenic Immortal comes Immortal at the Edge of the World, the breathtaking conclusion to the best-selling trilogy. Will Adam survive?

gdoucette Gene Doucette is the acclaimed author of Immortal and Hellenic Immortal, the sci-fi thriller Fixer, and (as G Doucette) the erotic horror thriller Sapphire Blue.  He is also the author of multiple short stories-- including The Immortal Chronicles series-- is a prize-winning playwright and screenwriter, and a published humorist and essayist.  He lives in Cambridge, MA with his wife and two children.
Praise for Immortal at the Edge of the World
"Brilliant end to the trilogy, with much twistiness involved in tying up all the plotlines. Lots of humour and typical Adam-ness - but no spoilers from me. You'll just have to read it for yourself. I think this might be my favourite of the series.+  - Andrea Goodreads Review
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How important is humor in your work - do you incorporate it all your novels?

Great question!  I dont feel any pressure to be funny now at all!

Humor is something Ive always been good atalong with my staggering humilityand the first kind of writing I cared to show off.  I wrote fake interviews for my school paper when I was in seventh grade (I interviewed a dog once, and a tree) and in eighth grade started a novel that was probably more like Hitchhikers Guide fan fiction, and wrote a humor column for my high school paper.  It didnt take me very long to find my voice, in other words, and that voice was deeply sarcastic.

It wasnt until college that I realized I needed to learn how to tone that voice down.  This discovery was made after a play I had written was produced.  The play was called Habeas Corpus and it was, by all accounts, a dreadfully serious examination of how people cope with death.   Yet people laughed through many parts of italthough thankfully not the very last part, which included the sentence but dead bodies dont bleed!”—and the reviewer called the play darkly comic. 

Since then Ive spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to not be funny.  And when thats proven impossible Ive tried working how to be funny only on purpose.  Eventually I figured out how useful humor could be in a serious story.

Theres a Hitchcock film called Family Plot in which two characters discover, on descending a steep mountain pass, that their cars brake line has been cut and they cant stop.  But they were coming from a restaurant at the top of that mountain, and theyd been drinking, so the scene of the descent goes between the intense drama of the husband trying to navigate the car without dying, and the hysterically laughing wife in the passenger seat who thinks this is incredibly funny.  Its a roller coaster, where the funny part (unless you are a sociopath the wife is the funny part of this story) makes the dramatic part that much more intense.

This is pretty much how Ive gone about using humor in my more serious writing, by which I mean all my fiction.  Adam, my immortal narrator, is profoundly sarcastic and sometimes funnier than I amwhich is kind of weirdbut when hes serious theres no question about it. 

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