Saturday, November 1, 2014

It's That time!!! NaNoWriMo 2014

This year Nadia and Carlisle are hanging up their 'main character' hats and passing the torch over to Anabella and Carter in, Maverick Touch: The Adventure.

I absolutely love November and NaNo! My Maverick Touch series has been a total blast to write during this month and the challenge to do better than the year before helps to keep me pushing to do more.

It is exciting when you know that all of the work you put into a project has meaning and writing always has meaning.

This 2014 year my Maverick Sisters are taking their Brother-In-Arms males on a trip through Africa. Where will they go? I don't know. What will they encounter? I don't know. But hey isn't that the fun of being a panters during NaNo?

I think so!

So buckle up for the action that Carter and Anabella are going to bring. I feel like this might be more of a light hearted fun story than the murder mystery we are usually accustom to from this family. I have no idea how this will translate into genre categorizing but I hope that the story itself is just as awesome as the other two books.

And as always, Maverick Touch The Adventure should hit bookshelves in March. We gotta keep our trend. I know you Maverick Fans love this series and the consistency is something you need. And I'm okay with that!

So leave your comment with a suggestion on which country or city the Mavericks and Assassins need to visit in Africa. You know I love fan interaction. Maybe I will select yours.

I'll even tell you what ... if I select your city you will get a character named after you too in the book. How about that!

So join in the NaNo Fun and tell me where YOU want to see Anabella, Carter, Nadia and Carlisle traveling too this year.

Happy NaNoWriMo 2014!

Did you miss the first two Maverick Touch books? No problem. Check them out here!

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