Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sunday Review: In From The Cold by Nora Roberts

Title In From The Cold
Author Nora Roberts
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A thrilling historical romance novella featuring the popular MacGregor family from #1 New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts.

In from the Cold follows the MacGregors during the American Revolution. Injured minuteman Ian MacGregor flees into the wilderness, where he finds refuge for his body and soul with Irish spitfire Alanna Flynn.


Wow what happened here??? I LOVED the McGregor series - I was so excited to see another book out about them. But WTH happened??

I hate to say this, especially since I REALLY didn't like OUTLANDER ... but OMFG could we have copied any more of that series in this???? Seriously?!?

UGH. Come on Ms. Roberts what is going on? This was like your best series out there and you just went and dumped all over it.

I get it was a novella so things tend to be rushed but geez ... this was RUSHED.

We go from hate to love in 2.2 page turns. Seriously? A marriage proposal that fast?

The main female character was so hot and cold I thought she was going through 'the change.'

I am just so ugh, so disappointed.

With as amazing as her books usually are this one just fell so short .....


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