Saturday, April 25, 2015

Batman V Superman Early Thoughts .....

I just watched the Batman V Superman trailer and Oh My God!! Now I am excited!!!

Some of you may remember from summer 2013 my Early Review Of Superman blog post that got my poor little ole blog bashed on some of the 'Nerd' sites that my husband and dear friends like to visit.

If you don't remember I'll do a little re-cap ... I gave it a 3.5 star review because I was just not impressed at all and I felt like some of the plot copied Independence Day with Will Smith and Bill Pullman. (Side note - so glad ID4 is coming out with a sequel! Even if the love of my life Will Smith isn't going to be in it *insert very dramatic tears* )

Anyway ... I've digressed and then did like a 30 min search on Will Smith .. but back to reality!


Oh My Holy Hotness Batman!!!!

While I have always enjoyed Ben Affleck. I mean come on ... he's pretty yummy to look at. Especially when he has that sexy man beard going on ... I never pictured him as Batman.

And now that I've seen him .... Oh yeah .... Hugh Jackman as Wolverine watch out!!! You MAY just have been bumped as my sexiest super hero yet!

We will have to wait and see how he looks in the suit on the big screen.

Now what I did gather from the two minute trailer is some yummy drama that I can't wait to see unfold.

Honestly, I hope Batman kicks Superman's ass!

And kicks it way back to Krypton!

I loved Superman as a kid but and by loved I mean I really enjoyed the movies. But Batman (And the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Wolverine) have always been the ones my heart holds dear.

And now its time for Batman to get his dirty sexy fighting skills on.

I am so mad I have to wait until 2016 to see this movie! I NEEEEEED me some Batman!

I LOVED Christian Bale as Batman, his voice, oh it wooed me. So I expect Ben Affleck's to woo me as well. He better melt my insides and get me all worked up because that black suit NEEDS to get that action on!

As I have said before I haven't read the comics but the hubby tells me that Batman DOES win in them. THANK GOD!

I can't handle Batman losing on the big screen. Not sure what I would do if that happened. Cry maybe?

Oh My God - I just had a thought! What if BEN AFFLECK! Comes to ComicPalooza one year because NOW he is BACK in the super hero ring!!!! (If you remember he did play the blind super hero DareDevil once upon a time...) Oh man that would be so exciting being able to go MEET BATMAN!

Alright so to wrap up this craziness ... long story short ... I NEED this movie to come out ASAP! I can't wait to see it. And Batman BETTER beat the tar out of that flying alien!

This was a major dose of Ashley Randomness tonight. You can blame it on the lack of sleep I've had all week. Since last Sunday I've only had 15 hours of sleep ... they say at some point you become delusional ... let's just blame it on that okay?

Have a great night peeps and remember #BATMANBEATSSUPERMAN!

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