Friday, May 22, 2015

New Release: Maverick Touch The Adventure, Book #3

It's FINALLY here!!! Happy Birthday to me and Happy Release day to Nadia, Mr. A, Anabella and Mr. J!


I'll tell you how exciting, VERY!

This book has been an insane adventure for myself and the characters. I can't think of where to start when I recall how this story came to life.

I wanted to do something fun and exciting so I asked my friend, you I'm sure know her from other blog posts, Jen where I should send these 4. She is of course Carlisle and Carter's biggest fan.

Some how or another we ended up in Africa. I didn't pick the actual destination until like 25,000 words into the story. Crazy I know!

There have been just many many different things keeping me occupied as of late. Mostly things that are beyond any amount of control on my part. But my characters eventually forgave me for the neglect and gave me this great story to tell.

That's the truth of it - These characters give me the story and I give it to you. They are very much alive in my head and that gives me comfort knowing their story will continue on.

One thing I did discover is the story of Kain. I knew that his story would eventually be told but I had no idea what that story was. Until a couple months ago. And it felt like lightening went off in my head and I was like OMG that's his story!

So I am very excited to have the opportunity to write Kain and his sons stories this fall. 

NANO here we come!

I hope all of you enjoy the third installment of Maverick Touch The Adventure. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this next chapter of this exciting family.

Happy Readings and XoXo

Maverick Touch The Adventure

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The Mavericks pack up for another whirlwind adventure. This time in Africa! What they thought would be a fun and laid back vacation turns quickly into a lifesaving and ceremonial disaster as their world literally begins to shake under their feet. 

Anabella and Carter begin to get cozy as their relationship deepens in the African wilderness. Carter has a serious question to ask Ana … who wants nothing to do with that notion. 

Nadia and Carlisle learn a little bit more about each other during their one on one time theorizing what it would be like for Nadia to take a life. 

Nothing is ever simple for these two couples. Topped with a new player coming into the mix. 

How will Mr. T affect Mr. A and Mr. J and will Mr. T stick around long enough for Nadia to sink her teeth into the story behind this member of the brotherhood? 

The Adventure of a lifetime is awaiting the Mavericks. Join them on the craziest trip you’ll ever experience through the most mysterious continent in the world.

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