Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sunday Review: Sage Blog Tours Presents: Whisper of Crows by Jameson Hesse

Title Whisper of Crows
Author Jameson Hesse
Source Received this in exchange for an honest review
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Kanaan James is a disturbed teenage boy obsessed with his childhood friend Abigail Caulfield. A horrible car accident leaves Abigail stricken with amnesia and Kanaan, desperate for her attention, convinces her they are soul mates, running from the law. In the midst of a passionate love affair, while hiding in an old abandoned house deep in the woods, Kanaan is forced to test the boundaries of his own humanity.

I am usually a big fan of blood guts and gore but this time it was just okay. I really struggled writing this review and didn't quite know the words to say so I went and read other reviews on Goodreads about this book and I think I agree with them. Some things are just too much.

Now - as an author myself I was able to appreciate this story. I can very much see the plot and its progression but at the same time ... there was a bit too much imagery. There is a fine line with details and I think we crossed over on the dark side a bit much.

Maybe if the story had been in 3rd person and not 1st it wouldn't have been so bad. In 1st person I find myself easily slipping into the character and usually I really love that. I also like 'horror' books but hate horror movies.

This imagery really did play out like a movie and I think that was my turn off.

But that being said, the writing the plot (like I said before) the character development. All that was great.

But for me it was just too much. If you like books like that though I am sure you will love this one. To each their own right?

I'm giving it 3 stars because that's about how much I enjoyed it. I believe if I liked this type of book more then it would have been between a 4 star and a 4.5 star review.

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