Sunday, June 7, 2015

Sunday Review: A Breath of Snow and Ashes by Diana Gabaldon

Author Diana Gabaldon
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Since the initial publication of Outlander fifteen years ago, Diana Gabaldon’s New York Times bestselling saga has won the hearts of readers the world over — and sold more than twelve million books. Now, A Breath of Snow and Ashes continues the extraordinary story of 18th-century Scotsman Jamie Fraser and his 20th-century wife, Claire.

The year is 1772, and on the eve of the American Revolution, the long fuse of rebellion has already been lit. Men lie dead in the streets of Boston, and in the backwoods of North Carolina, isolated cabins burn in the forest.

With chaos brewing, the governor calls upon Jamie Fraser to unite the backcountry and safeguard the colony for King and Crown. But from his wife Jamie knows that three years hence the shot heard round the world will be fired, and the result will be independence — with those loyal to the King either dead or in exile. And there is also the matter of a tiny clipping from The Wilmington Gazette, dated 1776, which reports Jamie’s death, along with his kin. For once, he hopes, his time-traveling family may be wrong about the future.


Thank God I'm finally done!! This series is just TOO MUCH! I hate that I keep reading and can't stop. I don't get why the author does such horrible things to her characters!!!

More importantly I don't understand, WHY I CAN'T STOP!!  I can put the book down for spurts. You almost have too with the amount of insanity that happens. But I HAVE to finish the book. I can't just, walk away from it.

It is probably something to do with the fact I've spent over 220 hours with these characters and I have become vest3ed in their lives.

But why does this author have to be SO DAMN CRUEL TO THEM!?!?!?

If I was one of her characters and met her, I'd probably strangle her.

I mean the amount of horrid things that happen to them is just crazy.

At this point in the story lines EVERY main character of this series has been raped. Except one.


How much bloody rape does one freaking series need???!?!?! Do you HAVE to defile each and every one of them???

I have started book 7 and I already regret it ... but I will save that for the next review....

4 stars because I just can't stop reading ... even though I want too.

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