Sunday, June 14, 2015

Sunday Review: HEA Book Tours Presents: NOLA'S OWN series by Kelli Jean

Over The Hills and Far Away

Kenna MacGregor was raised to believe that music is the language of the soul. That life is a song, pulsing with beats and rhythms, harmonizing the inner spirit with the energy of the universe. In a fated moment, she discovers the one person whose music reaches deep into her being, speaking to her in ways no one else ever could. He is the dominating, larger-than-life, in-your-face Phil Deveraux. He's the lead singer of her favorite band and her adolescent fantasy. She's just a face in the crowd. A face Phil is destined to see and never forget. Their lips touch, igniting an inferno-hot passion--awakening an incredible spiritual connection between them--melding their souls in ways neither of them could foresee. Time stands still for Kenna and Phil and real life relentlessly thrusts them in different directions, while they each cling to that one moment when their destiny was sealed with a kiss.

No Quarter

“All of his pain, I was always the cause of it. Even if indirectly. All roads led to Kenna, I supposed.”
My Madman brings me to life—but it comes at a price. I’m the one who faces his demons when they decide to crawl out of the hell inside his head.
One thing is certain: it’s not my forgiveness that is needed. Phil must forgive himself before there’s chance for us. I’m afraid he won’t be able to. What will I have then?
Without him, I’m just existing.

"Looking back now, I think I wanted to scare her a little, wanted to see if she'd run screaming from the demons in me."
My Baby Girl owns me. Always has, always will. My heart beats for her, my soul is only half without her. Then The Madman surfaces and rips into her. My demons are threatening to rip us apart.
I'm going to lose her, lose my only dream, the only future I'll accept.
How do I fix this? She speaks of forgiveness. Deep down, I'm afraid I'm too weak to find it.
Kenna is strong enough to walk away from us. She’s giving me No Quarter.


This is going to be a review of the series.

I was given both in exchange for an honest review.

This series was complicated for me to write about. There were some excellent things. For example, the authors writing style was very fluid. The plot seemed to be solid and didn't really leave me 'wanting' lots more of unfinished business. I like books like that - that have clear cut beginning middle and ends and tie up all lose ends, or as many as possible.

What has me struggling with this series is there was just so much sex. And while I love good sex scenes I felt like these sex scenes weren't there for real purpose but just because. It felt very much inundated with them and it was just too much for me.

I've read the reviews others have posted and I can see why it has so many 5 stars. I very much can see how some readers love these types of books. And maybe it just isn't for me in that sense.

And that's okay.

Overall I'm going to give this one 3.5 Stars.

I am going to chalk up my issues to it just not being my cup of tea because the writing itself was well done.

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