Monday, June 20, 2016

Enchanted Book Promotions Presents: The Horse List Unveiled by Anna Lores


We’re scheduling a tour for erotic romance “The Horse List Unveiled”. The tour runs from June 1 to July 1.
We’re setting up book reviews, book excerpt posts, author interviews, character interviews and promo posts.
We have .pdf, .epub and .mobi copies for reviewers.
Please let us know if you’d like to host this tour, what type of tour stop you’d like to host and what dates work for you.

About the Book

TheHorseListUnveiled.AnnaLoresTitle: The Horse List Unveiled
Author: Anna Lores
Genre: Erotic Romance
Back in her hometown, veterinarian Ava Black is torn between a loving promise to cowboy Brady Ross and her intense desire to be with artist and businessman Eric North.
Protective and private, Brady can give her a normal life with children, family, friends and the career she loves, all without the confines of marriage.
Domineering Eric wishes for privacy in his own life, but fame and wealth make him an obvious target of attention. A normal life wouldn’t be an option if she were with the billionaire. But finishing the Horse List would be – along with the sexually adventurous lifestyle she craves.
Will Ava find the strength to stand up and choose the path of true love, finally revealing the secrets she’s planned to take to her grave?

Author Bio

AnnaLoresAnna started writing romance as a by-product of insomnia. After a year of late night reading, she borrowed her son’s laptop after he went to bed each night, and set about breathing life to her very own characters. After a month of writing in the middle of the night, she was surprised with a new laptop of her own to pursue her dreams. With a B.A. in English Literature and a desire to fill her world with wonderful stories she and her close friends could not just talk about, but gush over, she shed her job as mom of three in the late night hours and assumed her alter ego of dirty girl.


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Twitter: @AnnaLores

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