Thursday, December 29, 2016

Blog Revamped 2017

Hello all you wonderful readers in the blogging world. I hope you all have been well. I have really missed this place. And because of that I am going to be doing a little revamping and then posting more too.

Blogging seemed like a family there for a while. You had your regulars but once I got the kiddos my whole online life like vanished and now ... my blog just isn't the same.

So we are doing a few changes here in Ashley land and this is what's going on ....

What to expect in 2017 ....

A fresh Ashley's Randomness post each week. This can be anything from a random idea I had to a rant about a movie or book to a long winded review of a movie (Look up Man of Steel review for reference to what I mean) or just well anything. Whenever I tag something as an "Ashley's Randomness" if you give me a decent comment (meaning more than 4 words) and leave your email then you will receive a surprise free ebook from me (will be one of the books I hold the rights to in order for me to give away for free, duh.) limit 5 free ebooks per person.

More book reviews ... I read all the time but I have gotten super lazy on posting up reviews so I am making a vow to myself to post at least 80 reviews this year.

More movie reviews ... I go to a decent amount of movies each year and I have a blog, I might as well write a review ....

More blog tour posts. I'll be honest ... hosting for other authors and tour companies helps my own business so I need to keep doing that. So when I am not posting an Ashley Randomness post I hope to go back to helping other authors gain exposure.

I may even try to redesign the blog too layout wise.

I hope all of you out in blogger land enjoy these updates and changes and I hope to see more people commenting and sharing posts. Remember ... we're all in this together so let's help one another!

See ya later Blogging land ...
( This is the Six Million Dollar Man being taken for a strole by Barbie. My hubby set this up, I just snapped the pic. A little Ashley Photography to go with today's reading. Enjoy! )

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