Tuesday, January 10, 2017

LIfe Style Changes ... 10 Days In

It has been ten days since I cut out processed sugar and went 100% gluten free and I really can tell a difference. Here is what I have experienced ... the good and the bad.

Pros -
I sleep a lot better, like a lot. I am not as restless and I feel like my sleep is deeper than it used to be. I wake up feeling revived a lot easier than before.

My pants ... fit better. I took measurements on Sunday and I have already lost inches and pounds! My hips lost 5%! Can you believe it!! And my right leg for some reason, haha.

I feel better, like all around. I know that I am taking in the proper foods and I can feel my body feeling better. I don't feel as swollen (that is because of no gluten) and it has really helped my eyes.

My thyroid eye disease isn't acting up near as bad in the mornings as it had been. My eyes were swelling in the morning and that made my vision blurry or it gave me bad headaches, that hasn't happened since like Jan 4th!

My daughter says her TMJ has started hurting a lot less (just as a side note...)

Cons -
I am super tired. I am told by my husband this will wear off, and it better! But keeping my eyes open is KILLING me some days. It is like UGHHHH I need a nap!

I go to the bathroom constantly! I feel like it must be ever 30 minutes! But I am trying to consume 100 ounces of water a day so logic would tell you that you need to use the bathroom more ... I suppose.

There is no getting around it, almost every meal every day, every week is made at home. The convenience of fast food or going out to dinner has to stop for every. Meal except one cheat day a week.

That cheat day OH MY GOD I felt so yuck afterwards it was like it wasn't even worth cheating!!! UGH. So note to self, no more cheating.

All in all clearly the pros outweigh the cons and we will continue the life style changes for the next year. This all feels like good progress.

Next week we are going to work on adding in some walking I think. Kick start my pounds to be shed by increasing my hear rate more.

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